8 Good Cars That Will Get Cancelled

8 Good Cars That Will Get Cancelled

While some say that car sales are picking up around the world, the recession is busy taking names and beating up stragglers in the automotive marketplace. Manufacturers are keen on cutting models that are underperforming in terms of sales, either because demand has subsided or because they were niche models in the first place. Here is a list of eight good cars that have either been confirmed for cancellation soon or have rumours circling in the media about their demise.

Nissan Xterra

Status: Rumoured. The barebones Xterra was landmark product for offroad enthusiasts who wanted a practical 4×4 with none of the luxuries. Sadly, that is what’s killing it in the market, after brisk initial sales. Competing with the Pathfinder doesn’t help either. But if Jeep can keep the Wrangler alive, this one still has a chance.

Nissan Armada

Status: Confirmed. The attractively-packaged Armada was marked for deletion as soon as the recession started killing car sales. Originally designed to compete with large American SUVs, the scare of increasing fuel prices decimated the market for family trucks, although the Americans themselves are not quitting. It is slated for execution by the end of 2010.

Toyota Sequoia

Status: Rumoured. With slow U.S. sales for the same reasons as the Armada, the Sequoia got a new lease on life in the Middle East, although industry rumours suggest it will be cancelled for good by 2012. Toyota has vaguely denied this, but aren’t exactly promising a replacement.

Honda Legend

Status: Rumoured. The Legend is an absolutely amazing car wrapped in the body of a generic midsizer. For that reason, it hasn’t sold well in years. The American Acura-badged version is said to be killed off soon due to slow sales. And if you haven’t noticed, it was quietly cancelled last year in the GCC after only two years in its current form.

Ford Flex

Status: Rumoured. As “cool” as the Flex is portrayed to be, it was targeted at the most boring end of the market, namely soccer moms who’d have trouble piloting something that big. Hell, we steered clear of testing one due to its unmanageable size. Add to that a goofy TV campaign, a high price at launch and competition from Ford’s own SUVs, reports are already swirling of its early demise within a couple of years.

Cadillac STS

Status: Confirmed. The STS luxury-sports sedan has maybe a year to live at most. A car that is barely fullsize with a midsize interior, its performance credentials were thus overlooked, straddling the Cadillac line-up between the sportier CTS and the spacious DTS. Its replacement will be the XTS, which doesn’t seem nearly as sporting as the long-running STS.

Honda Civic Type-R

Status: Confirmed. The Civic Type-R, made available in the GCC only this year, is built in England. Ironically, it has just been cancelled in Europe due to stricter emissions regulations there, and there are no plans to bring the Type-R back anytime soon when the new Civic debuts in 2012. Until then, Honda will continue to build the Type-R for “export” markets such as the UAE.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

Status: Rumoured. A U.S. report in 2008 suggested that Toyota’s long-term plans do not include the FJ Cruiser, and it will be cancelled after a few years once the current production run ends. This unique 4×4 is a niche product that is consistently outsold by Prados and 4Runners, so it is possibly not “mass-market” enough for Toyota to keep it alive. So far, it is still going strong, but it is unknown for how long.

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  1. I doubt the X will get canned though,,i think the next model is due for a change in 2012..

  2. Xterra and FJ are quite good selling cars here… I think they should keep the FJ theres alot of demand on this car and its a good pick for the price….

  3. at least i feel good that i have driven all these above cars except the Cady STS and the Civic type R…

  4. armada, fj an x terra are great cars. sad to see dem go!

  5. The Flex and Type R are great cars.

    The rest can feck off.

  6. Why are they going to stop the sales of Nissan Armada? Armadas get booked before the shipping reaches the port.

  7. Author

    The GCC market is tiny compared to the U.S. market, so if a car flops there, it usually won’t last elsewhere except if it also sells in Europe, Australia or East Asia.

  8. Most of the above mentioned cars indeed deserve to be cancelled, the FJ is very outdated with its shape and I think its sales will start to drop soon, the Armada is oversized car and drinks fuel, the cadillac are not selling well anyway, maybe only the type R will be missed here, the Legend is very very very over pricd for its segment (I can by a lexus or infiniti) with the same price. for the flex, it is good if ford keeps producing a bunch a year to be used for transporting coffins to cemetries.

  9. not only these, more cars dat need to end due to over populating the world are corolla camry
    should end those names & start new names new cars
    enough of old names new models, new names new models
    & specially worst mitsubishi should stop, lancer pajero, galant ,highest torture, make more cars,new ones good ones
    & also should ban lowest quality crap pathetic made in china cars ban geely, byk, chery, greatwall,etc
    honda accord crosstour is a mindblowing car
    & in window films vkool is a lie as their power decreases as years go by, the best is nano ceramic technology of HUPER OPTIK , check it out its awesome, not a dye or mettalic, its ceramic, never fades or decreases its actual capacity

  10. ^ why would someone end a name that gave them huge sales… A successful car/name lives on to celebrate its successful history and sales… & Old fashioned cars like the FJ and X-terra are successful because they are old fashioned, tough and built for a purpose…

    A bit off topic, but a car that doesnt get updated or changed much in a matter of 10-30 years is a successful car and would be a pity to let go..

    Cars like the patrol that didnt evolve much over the past 2 decades… Land cruisers are the same case..

    The ford crown Victoria which lasted almost 30 years without any major change..

  11. Nissan Xterra: Nissan already have Pathfinder but I don’t understand why they brought this.

    Nissan Armada: IMO Armada is big fat ugly american-wannabe SUV with a bad MPG. I think I’d prefer a Tahoe or a Denali XL.

    Toyota Sequoia: What is that? It doesn’t deserve a +200k price tag.

    Honda Legend: Sad story. Honda doesn’t have a luxury version of their cars so they brought this from America (Acura) but can it be compared with the new Maxima?

    Ford Flex: If only it was a super luxury car. It really looks like one.

    Cadillac STS: I hate Cadillac.

    Honda Civic Type-R: No more VTEC ?

    Toyota FJ Cruiser: Seriously? A lot of my friends wanted an FJ but guess what? Toyota says it’s out of stock due to high demand.

    – Why can’t Toyota/Nissan produce VW-cheap-good quality like vehicles ? Take the Jetta for example which is a cheap saloon and very well equipment (DSG ftw). I don’t get it.

    Japanese cars will remain Japanese cars but hey don’t get me wrong I still love them.

  12. I just bought a Nissan Xterra off road and it is a great car 🙂

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