Dodge Challenger Drag Pak 2011 with Viper engine

Dodge Challenger Drag Pak 2011 with Viper engine

Chrysler released special-edition Dodge Challenger versions for the last few years, dubbing them as Drag Pak models, with SRT-8 6.1-litre Hemi V8 engines mated with other drag-racing mods. However, for 2011, Chrysler has decided to release the Drag Pak yet again, this time with the Viper V10 engine.

The 2011 Moper Challenger Drag Pak comes with a 8.4-litre V10 engine from the out-of-production Dodge Viper, mated to a drag-ready 2-speed automatic transmission, and good for 600 hp and 758 Nm of torque.

Besides the engine, the Mopar Challenger Drag Pak also features a special body modified for drag racing, complete fuel cell assembly, polycarbonate door windows, lightweight drag-race only front brake assembly and racing wheels.

Only 70 cars will be produced, each having a starting price at the equivalent of more than Dhs 300,000, with three available optional packages that add things like an eight-point roll cage, six-point safety harness, a mesh window net, a Mopar body logo wrap and custom paint schemes. The Drag Pak will not be offered in the GCC.

For the regular model, check out the Dodge Challenger buyer guide.

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