So we got a 2011 Infiniti M56

So we got a 2011 Infiniti M56

The 2011 Infiniti M was launched earlier last week in the UAE, and displayed for the first time at the 2010 Sharjah Auto Show. Just before its launch, we asked for a test-drive whenever possible, and surprisingly got an answer that we can have it that same weekend. And so, here is a look at the GCC-spec Infiniti M56 for the first time ever.

Our tester came in a metallic dark-brown paintjob with more than 5000 km on the clock, so we’re seemingly not the first ones to test it. But this was the first time we did see this car on the road. And it looks stunning.

To compare the M’s looks to a Mercedes-Benz E-Class or a BMW 5-Series would be doing injustice to Infiniti’s designers. If anything, it competes with the “four-door coupes” such as the Mercedes-Benz CLS and the Audi A5 Sportbutt, and defeats them in a beauty contest.

Unfortunately, Infiniti still suffers from lack of brand recognition in the wild. While there were lots of curious glances, we were still being cut off on the roads of Dubai by RTA taxi drivers and Emirates Airlines limo drivers, as well as other random van and pickup drivers. Usually, these sorts of people don’t have the balls to cut across the path of Mercs and Bimmers.

The interior is easily the best in its class. It makes good use of premium materials, offers superb tech, and is styled like nothing else, making the Germans look ridiculously dull. Build quality is perfect, but small bits of hard plastics here and there could’ve been covered with soft-touch stuff instead to complete the upscale cabin.

This Infiniti is the first car we’ve tested that has dual speakers on the front seats. Whether we could notice them is another story. Check out the amazing detailing on the doors.

The front seats are moderately bolstered, powered and ventilated. Tons of space here, even with the low-slung roof.

Even more surprising were the rear seat accommodations, with abundant legroom and headroom. Given the “coupe-like” profile, it is good work by Infiniti to manage this much space back there. Facilities include covered cup-holders and rear a/c vents, but missing features include rear a/c controls, panoramic glass roof and split-folding seatback.

But the luggage boot is expectedly massive, with a luggage net and a pass-through to the rear seat for, well, skis and long stuff.

With pricing that matches barebones competitor models, the Infiniti M is bound to do better than the sleep-inducing old model. It is full of competitive tech, offers tons of power and handles like a sports car. However, the drive is missing a certain bit of interaction, something we’ll cover in the full review.

What do you think?



  1. Not bad in terms of looks. But I feel the Lexus LS460 has a better royal looks. This looks more sporty. I want to feel the VVEL 5.6ltr.

  2. ^ The Lexus counterpart is the GS, not the LS 🙂

  3. Like i said before,this thing looks stunning both inside and out..i just wanna know how fast it gets upto speed now..

  4. pretty damn fast i would say with 400bhp and a 5.7lt v8.

  5. i would like to buy but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. this thing can defeats the cls in a beauty contest?! o_o

    are you blind or something?

    and please go check the cls in person before saying such things… and sorry for the harsh words 😉

  7. this is an amazing car better than CLS mers or BMW 5 series. it looks very pretty

  8. Author

    It looks better than the new CLS. And yes, I haven’t seen the new CLS in person.

  9. (The Mercedes-Benz CLS is a stunning car. We just had to say it out loud. The flowing lines and chopped top of this exotic-looking car had a truly profound effect on us.neither the flamboyant SL-Class nor the overblown SLR McLaren come close to matching this car in grace, even with four doors.The CLS looks odd in pictures, but astounding in real life.)
    I wonder who said that…;)

  10. ^^ dont know, and dont care..

  11. Author

    ^^^And I said I compared it to the new CLS. That review is from 4 years ago.

  12. Seen the new CLS in person during its various stages of testing the UAE and from what I saw, I don’t like it. But then I don’t like this one either… 🙂

  13. I disagree that this car looks stunning or amazing or whatever, the interior is very nice, but from outside …. its sure not, personally I dont like the new nissan infiniti design concept for sedans making giving them short boots, they started to look like the killer dog in Tom and Jerry … in fact with this design and short suddenly cut off back, it should be compared (in design) to the Porsche Panamera. The bottom line, when I saw it in person in Sharjah motorshow, I didnt like it

  14. ME WANT THAT (with a wooden club)

  15. with 240k as the top version..its a steal..lets get together and steal some 😛

  16. that cls is still looks stunning compred to this infiniti and thats car is from 4 years ago…and i expecte a change of heart the moment you see the new cls in real life…

  17. I dont lyk the grill .. ruins the car !
    the front looks odd .. Would pick an XF ne day !

    How bout a review on the new XJ ?

  18. I have to admit, the new CLS doesn’t look like a winner to me (only from the pictures), it seemed more like a haphazard shape, whereas the lines of the present (soon-to-be-old) CLS has more flowing lines and better proportions. The new CLS does look a lot more muscular than the present one, I have to admit, but overall doesn’t deliver on the looks as much as the present one did.

  19. Have a look at the CLS 2011 in person when it rolls out next year. Its a stunner for sure. Already seen the car without the wraps and Im sold.
    I maybe amongst the minority who hasnt found the shape of the Infinity M56 all that fascinating. I feel that the designer must have been on a rocking boat when he came up with this design. Way too many curves on this but then again these pictures probably dont do enough justice to the vehicle and I might change my mind when I see it on the road.
    With reference to the Brand recognition, Im guessing our local taxi fellas confuse the logo for that of Hyundai’s, possibly?!

  20. you people comparing this to the CLS?? just look at the difference in the price..its mind boggling!! anyone who wants a luxury marquee with those engine specs and the excellent build quality and then we talk.
    best to compare with the german rivals in the same price category

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