So we bought a 2009 Renault Safrane V6

So we bought a 2009 Renault Safrane V6

So we finally put our money where our mouth is and bought a car that we recommended as an Editor’s Choice more than a year ago. That car happened to be the 2009 Renault Safrane V6, a midsize sedan that is badged as a French Renault, built by Korean Samsung, and designed by Japanese Nissan. That last bit was crucial in coming to our decision, for the Safrane shares a platform with the Altima and the Maxima, with various key components that are purely Nissan items. As luck would have it, the Safrane is not a resounding success, which means buyers can pick up brand new 2009 leftovers at nicely-reduced prices straight from the dealer.

As evidenced by this shot of our just-purchased Safrane V6 at the Nissan-Renault dealer’s pre-owned showroom, most Renault models don’t sell very well in the UAE. If anyone has a hankering for a brand new 2009 Megane 2.0 hatchback, there is a huge choice of cars sitting there. Choices among the Safrane V6 models were less so, as there were only two black ones available, along with a few more 4-cylinder models in various colours.

Technically, this car was purchased by my father for his daily commute, who will continue to work past retirement for the next couple of years. His 1997 Toyota Corolla, which he bought new in the same year he bought me my first computer, gave a few hiccups and he didn’t want any breakdowns that’d lead to missing work, the dedicated worker that he is.

So we needed something reliable, not too expensive, economical and brand new. I told him to upgrade to a midsize because econo-compact cars still drive like econo-compact cars, even in this day and age. Every midsize sedan I’ve tested nowadays rides like a luxury car. At a budget of Dhs 60,000, we originally started looking at used Nissan Altimas but quickly gave up after realising that dropping that much money on a car with tiny dents on the body and little tears on the seats would drive my nitpicky father crazy.

We then moved on to the Safrane at the same showroom. I remembered from my earlier test that the 2.3-litre V6-equipped Safrane drives like a luxury car, has the fuel economy of a compact car, has the initial kick of a V6 car, and has the exclusivity of a European car. It also has better build quality than any American car, has as much space as any Japanese midsize car, and cost as much as a European compact car (with the leftover discount of course). Styling is irrelevant for conservative commuters, and especially lifelong Toyota owners, but my father actually liked the design too.

In all honesty, I probably could’ve gotten a further discount using my media connections, as I’ve heard from other journalists who quietly buy discounted new cars. But it seemed like a hassle after I contacted Nissan’s PR people, and the price was decent enough anyway. Right now I’m hounding Renault’s management to give me a free 5-year extended warranty as a sign of faith in their product, as they’ve cut down my warranty to only 2½ years for being an “old” car. So far, I haven’t heard back after almost a month and 1200 km. I am putting a lot of faith in this car’s reliability based on its Nissan underpinnings, but even I have my doubts. Just look at Toyota nowadays.

What do you think?



  1. Author

    On a side note, we bought the car from Arabian Automobiles used car showroom at Aweer used car complex. The salesperson there is called Asif and he is a DriveArabia reader. Look him up if you want a leftover or certified pre-owned Nissan/Infiniti or Renault, or other cars.

  2. So Hussain, how much did you finally get the car for? How long was it used? Honestly , I was planning to buy this car.So it would be great to know from you before I invest 🙂

  3. Author

    We bought the car for just under Dhs 62,000 with rear parking sensors, tint, rustproofing and full insurance. Brand new car. Some negotiation involved and your specs will vary. I’ll do another report later on the exact specs of our car, which is actually not offered any more in this trim.

  4. thats your father corolla in the secound pic?

  5. Author

    ^Yep. My brother is driving it for the time being.

  6. i think u got a bargin, a corolla base line would cost 60k something

  7. You basically brought a Nissan Teana 2.3 V6 badged for Renualt, it has different front and rear lights, but basically a Teana, good car, when i was in Nz these sold really well,more reliable than camry’s and accord’s in surveys, although Nissan Nz badged them as Maxima’s

  8. Hi Mash,

    I went to Renault showroom after your decision to buy this car. They had an offer on Safrane 2010 Base model (2.0, Alloy Wheels) just for 53,000/- AED. Need a recmendation to make decision. This is good for 5000 KM Monthly ?

    and what about new Charger, When they will bring that car here ?

    Others are also welcome to suggest.


  9. Author

    New Charger will take till next summer to come here probably. And anyway, the Safrane and Charger are completely different cars. As for reliability of the Safrane, that’s what I’ll be covering right here. It looks to be built well and servicing is every 10k km, cheaper overall than two Toyota Camry services every 5k km.

  10. Yeah! Dear i know Charger and Safrane are different… i thought you might have some exact information for new Charger.

    I just want a quite ride since this one is European i am thinking it will be nice and quiet to ride. Any ways today i had scheduled a test drive with these guys, will let you know. Price is killing 53,000/- AED. In the price of Yaris you get Camry size car amazing….

  11. Hi,

    I got the test drive. Wow… what a car. Seats are so luxury, Drive is so soft, Missed the six speed gearbox but not bad with four gears, Cruise control is required i think the only missing thing. Because i had to travel every day to Abu Dhabi. Bit confused…. don’t know what to do….

    Overall car was really nice.


  12. Author

    I picked the 2.3 V6 on purpose. Less stressed and 5-speed too, still with good economy.

  13. Hi Chowdhury,
    I am planning to buy a Renault Safrane 2009 model from AWRostamani pre-owned cars.
    I got an offer of AED28,000 with a mileage 34,000(ran so far).
    What do you think should I go for it.
    I need your advice and will be very kind of you if you can reply asap.

    Thank you

  14. for 28000 AED – 2.3 V6 model or normal 2.0 model?

    • Author

      He mistook the Symbol for the Safrane. The real Safrane goes for Dhs 40,000 if you buy it from the dealer’s pre-owned division.

  15. Hi Mash,planning to buy 09 safrane V6 full option running 45000km and the price is 33000.what do you think?

  16. private owner,shall i go ahead if it is in a good condition or i better look for something else?

    • Author

      You can read up the rest of our long-term reports to make a decision. We’re fairly satisfied with the car so far.

  17. Thanks Masfiq, After your positive review I purchased the 2009 – 77K Clocked from the Dealer. Owning this since last 5 months and Its really a good car.

    Best part is 10K service. so need not to visit the service center to often…

  18. I am driving Renault Safrane V6 2009 model. I have bought this 3 months back, looking for a economic place for servicing my car, Anyone can suggest me, preferably in sharjah. 0503507256.

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