Range Rover Evoque 5-door unveiled fully

Range Rover Evoque 5-door unveiled fully

Land Rover has revealed the 5-door version of the Range Rover Evoque crossover ahead of its physical debut at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show. Specs are about the same as the 3-door version, but the Tata-owned British firm says the 5-door is 30 mm taller than the 3-door “coupe” model.

Like the 3-door Range Rover Evoque, the 5-door will be available in all-wheel-drive and front-wheel-drive versions, with car-like handling and minor offroading capabilities using buzzword tech such as “Adaptive Dynamics,” “MagneRide,” and “Terrain Response.” Also included are the dual-view touchscreen and a surround camera system.

Actual worldwide deliveries only begin in summer 2011, and the engine that will likely come to the GCC is a Ford-sourced 237 hp 2.0-litre turbocharged “EcoBoost” 4-cylinder motor.

Keep track of updates in the Land Rover buyer guide.

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  1. it’s actually based on the ford edge..

  2. this is an ugly RR … what happened to the rear windows ? they ran out of glass ? they wana copy the Edge and Sportage looks?

  3. the concept version(w/white roof) having integrated exhaust muffler tips and the rear diffuser at the back, looks much cooler than its production version, they could have easily carried it in actual model…..
    but overall its an awesome crossover…

  4. Author

    You’ll notice in the photos that there are actually two versions, the second one having some sort of body kit with integrated exhausts.

  5. Overall it looks awesome specially the 4th pic. Happy to see an extra pedal in the 6th pic.

  6. Author

    Wow, my monitor ain’t bright enough to see the pedals. Had to photoshop it to confirm. Who knows, maybe the diesel UK versions might be the only manual ones.

  7. In reply to Sausama’s comment that the Range Rover Evoque is based on the Ford Edge…..NO IT ISN’T, it has a totally different platform developed by JLR specifically for this model. I should know I work for JLR. This is an awsome vehicle, trust me.

  8. Looks Cool. At the same time, feels like will have horrible rear view..

  9. White top reminds me a FJ … lot of imitations first Hummer HX concept and now this…

  10. Oh….. my bad….

  11. reply to Bob Kilsby… even so i still want one..;)

  12. this is a fantatique beautifull car.i love it,is verry easy to use in any condition and everywhere.sweet car

  13. What is the price of this car in Dubai please let me know ??

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