Saab 2012 models to use BMW-Mini engines

Saab 2012 models to use BMW-Mini engines

Ailing Swedish brand Saab, recently sold by General Motors to exotic Dutch carmaker Spyker, has announced that they have signed an agreement with BMW. The Germans will supply engines to be used in next-generation Saab vehicles.

BMW will supply Saab with 1.6-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder engines from 2012, after Saab-specific modifications. Incidentally, that same engine was a joint development between French carmaker Peugeot and BMW, and is currently used in Mini Cooper S and Clubman S models, as well as Peugeot 207 RC and 307 Turbo models.

Spyker has already announced that they will be moving the Saab brand further upscale, while also making it a niche manufacturer.

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  1. Mashhhh….where is the challenger review…!? 🙁

  2. In the future, please refrain from injecting your own personal opinion in actual NEWS articles unless you start with “In my opinion the ‘ailing’ sweedish brand”.

    A concerned SAAB owner and news reader.

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