Lexus LS 460 2011 gets direct-injection V8 in UAE

Lexus LS 460 2011 gets direct-injection V8 in UAE

The current-generation Lexus LS 460 has always been available with a powerful direct-injection 4.6-litre V8 in other markets. However, when the latest LS was launched in 2007, it came with a detuned V8 for the GCC market, possibly over concerns of poor petrol quality in some countries in this region. Now the UAE dealer has rectified that.

The Lexus dealer for Lexus in the UAE has launched the 2011 Lexus LS 460 with the original direct-injection 4.6-litre V8. The V8 features the D-4S system that bumps up power from 342 hp to 375 hp at 6400 rpm in GCC-spec trim, with peak torque of 493 Nm at 4000 rpm.

Other features include a choice from four leather and wood interior combinations, as well as a multi-zone automatic climate control system and optional ottoman rear seats with massage function in the long-wheelbase model.

The LS alreadly received an unnoticeably-minor facelift in 2010. As before, the LS 460 is available in three configurations, namely a standard-wheelbase model with 5 seats, a long-wheelbase model with 5 seats and a long-wheelbase model with 4 seats. Prices start from Dhs 329,000 in Dubai, now with a 5-year warranty as a confidence-building exercise.

Keep track of UAE prices and GCC updates in the Lexus LS buyer guide.

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  1. So what will be the internal changes over here? I was thinking all the modern cars have direct injection….

  2. Author

    ^I think you are thinking of regular fuel injection. Direct injection is a newer tech that’s been around for the last few years only.

  3. Oh….k Thanks for the info….

  4. BMW WERE first to use this technology

  5. Bmw adopted it in 2003

    Mitsubishi was the first for later systems of DI

  6. How much will be the Lexus LS 460L 2011
    I’m lokking for 2010 or 2011

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