Nissan X-Trail speed radar cars prowling Dubai streets

Nissan X-Trail speed radar cars prowling Dubai streets

Memorise the rear end of this white Nissan X-Trail. It has looked the same since 2002, and it is popular all over the UAE as a family hauler. But now the ubiquitous white X-Trail has found a new life as a mobile speed camera car in Dubai.

Keen-eyed motorists on Dubai’s main highways would’ve already spotted the white X-Trails by the side of the road, with its tailgate open and with a massive radar-camera rig hanging out the back, so this is an open secret. It is hard to figure out whether it is the same white X-Trail constantly changing positions or whether there are multiple cars.

We seem to come across one every time we hit Sheikh Zayed Road, and then it appeared on Emirates Road too. We even saw two white X-Trails stopped roadside on the Abu Dhabi side of the highway, with their tailgates closed doing nothing, and got a bit worried. The last straw for me came when I almost got tagged by one tucked away in a corner by the newly-widened Dubai-Sharjah Road as I got off Garhoud Bridge. Sitting on the slow side of the road, one would assume they cover all the lanes, although one might theoretically escape it by hiding behind other cars.

These things are definitely everywhere, so take this as a public-service advisory and save some bucks.

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  1. just drive in limit and save all your bucks..:)

  2. I spotted it twice on the dragon mart road. On the opposite side. First time I was lucky to be slow as I was looking for near right turn. And the second time I just felt something weird about the X-trail and slowed down, after a closer look saw the camera set up in the trunk.

  3. dont they also use a toyota XA or something similar?
    and the mazda6 station wagon?

  4. Author

    ^Heard of the xA and saw the Mazda with the camera placed out of the car. Saw other cars too, with camera through the rear window. But first time I saw the huge camera in an open tailgate, with this X-Trail. And it seems to be the only car I see nowadays!

  5. there is multiple x trails with camera…last week i saw 1 at the abu dhabi dubai border as soon as i entered dubai and after abt 25 min when i reached barsha i saw 1 hiding under the metro rail….mostly i have seen them hiding under the metro rail and piller so that u would notice them only just in front of them and by that time it takes that very expensive pic of ur speeding car…there is a grey color station wagon mazda 6 which was mostly seen on auh dubai highway and nowadays i have seen them on barsha inside roads where the speed limit it 60km…by the way guys in abu dhabi be careful…they are putting the small tripod mounted cameras inside the city areas especially in manazeer road, buteen road, corniche, muroor road etc…

  6. Ya those cameras vich are set in the trunk of the car is LASER cam, i found that out with my radar detector. it can only catch you if it has a clear view of your car, or else you are lucky.

  7. Yup!! Yesiree! got me 3 of them already!! all of them in 5 days time early morning!! 1 of them it nailed me right into my sucker face while doing 150 on SZR. I am sleeping on the couch since… the missy has something against expensive photograps apparently!!

  8. Author

    ^Then I guess you can confirm that they flash, because I’ve never seen them in action!

  9. Truth is it has become a permanent camera stationed at various places. first it was the patrol cars ontop of interchange 3 or 4 with the laser gun in their X-terra or even outside of the 5 series bmw cop cars. but now i have seen 3 different X-TRAILs on SZR and the trend is eithe rright before or right after salik, and one alway near INTERNET CITY entrance.

    watch out and good luck

  10. I can confirm they flash, even in the mornings the flash is quite bright. You can’t miss it.

    I see it pretty much every day on SZR going from Bur Dubai to DIC. Its always near the Barsha SALIK gate, or near the DIC entrance.

    Slow down ppl!

  11. I got tagged by one of them on Hatta Oman road before dragon mart, it’s been a week since but the fine still hasnt showed. touchwood.

  12. there is also a Mazda 3 same as this one with radar on road going from international city towards airport terminal 2
    be careful…

    even if the camera caught you, sometimes will not get a fine unless the pic clear enough

  13. i got yesterday from al khail road

  14. just be smart and open Ur eyes while driving bcz since 4 years i have traveling Alain Dubai highway 160,180 but hasn’t got any fine

  15. Is this available

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