Ford Figo 2011 launched in Saudi Arabia

Ford Figo 2011 launched in Saudi Arabia

Ford has revealed a new supermini hatchback in the GCC, with the launch of the Ford Figo at the 2010 Riyadh Motor Show in Saudi Arabia.

Built only at Ford’s Indian factory, the Figo will be available in the Middle East with two engine choices, namely a 83 hp 1.4-litre with a 5-speed manual or a 100 hp 1.6-litre with a 5-speed automatic. The former is capable of 0-100 kph in 13.1 seconds with a top speed of 169 kph, while the latter is likely similar with its automatic. All cars get independent MacPherson strut front suspension and a semi-independent rear twist beam.

Ford stresses that the Figo has been styled in line with Ford’s ‘Kinetic’ design theme, as seen on the Fiesta and the Focus, and while it looks a lot like a facelifted version of the previous-generation Fiesta, the Figo is actually shorter by some 200 mm. Still, it is longer than rivals such as the Kia Picanto and the Chevrolet Spark.

The Ford Figo will be available in Ambiente and Trend trims, both getting cloth-upholstered interiors with options that include a CD/MP3 stereo with USB/AUX ports, dual front airbags, keyless entry and ABS.

The Ford Figo slots in below the Fiesta in the line-up and we expect it to be one of the cheapest cars in the UAE. We reckon a base price of around Dhs 35,000, if not cheaper, when it hits showrooms.

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  1. made in india ! Lolz

  2. i wont buy this car even if its cheap like sand …look where its made first before u buy its guys…sorry ford but u fail ,,,india made car remind me of TATA car that catch firs…low quilty with low in everything ,,its simply sucks…just stay away from everything made in india

  3. Cars made in india are underrated.. They are driving in some of the worst road conditions there and still manage to run.. Sure they arent refined but they do the job..

  4. agreed with @carloveruae and i know i will get negative points as well…but indian made cars are big joke….remind me those maruti800 & abbasador…loool

  5. As the Figo is based on the European Fiesta, its not your normal Indian car, I’ve driven the auto and its quick and easy to drive and handles like a go kart. The 1.4 is cheap to run, i like them.

    • I agree.. superhandles… it”s fun to drive can handle easily in every corner and tight situation especially in busy street of Riyadh.

  6. arabs hate indian cars??? oh my, what is made by arabs?..sisha.

  7. made by india with supervision by American expert…I preferred rather than china made. for your information an concerned about arab citizen Chinese makers use asbestos a substance mixed in everything you touch in a car and eventually caused us cancer in the near future.

  8. can you pls. tell me where to get this car i’ve looking all over for it in riyadh..can’t find it-am new here.

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