UAE Nissan dealer says 2010 Nissan Patrol is sales success

UAE Nissan dealer says 2010 Nissan Patrol is sales success

Ten months after its global premiere in the UAE during the recession, the much-hyped 2010 Nissan Patrol is being hailed as a sales success by Arabian Automobiles, Nissan dealer for Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates, exceeding the company’s original sales volume projections.

The Nissan dealer began local sales of the Nissan Patrol in April 2010, and in the first eight months, have sold more than 2,000 units in the UAE (not counting Abu Dhabi, which has a different dealer). To put that in perspective, Nissan’s sister company Renault sold under 2,700 Safrane sedans in three years throughout the GCC, and that is their most popular model. However, we suspect UAE sales are still well below what arch-rival Toyota does with the Land Cruiser.

The Patrol is available from Arabian Automobiles in two grades, the SE (in two trim levels) with the 320 hp 5.6-litre V8, and LE (in three trim levels) with the 400 hp 5.6-litre direct-injection V8. All Patrol models come standard with the “Hydraulic Body Motion Control System” suspension, “ALL MODE 4×4” all-wheel-drive system with low-range, Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control. So far, no other engines have been offered.

Keep track of UAE prices and GCC updates in the Nissan Patrol buyer guide.

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  1. I see more of the new prado than this. Just saying.
    Don’t like either… -.-

  2. This is the best off-road machine in the Arabian Gulf, and it has been so since its introduction very long ago.

    Congratulations Nissan and Arabian Automobiles for this success with this monster off-roader.

  3. No disrespect to Arabian Automobiles but I believe this is one of the SUVs from the Nissan stable which really hasnt fared too well after its launch therefore Im suprised to see this being a sales success.. strange
    That interior trim & design is a lil too much bling for my taste

  4. This car feels like anything but a nissan patrol.. Its too refined and too luxurious and looks too infiniti like..

  5. i think Al Masood in abu dhabi has sold more patrols that arabian auto…new patrol is kinda common in abu dhabi…

  6. Old shape patrol was a tough class offroader…new shape more feminine feel…

  7. @ Raun i completely disagree with u

  8. although it completely lost its roughness like exterior, i still love it!!

    seriously considering it, shame only that they still dont offer a v6 version..

  9. ^ the SE with a 5.6 liter V8 with 320 BHP substitutes a V6 .

  10. @ rhymes.. u own a patrol?
    wat say we could see lot of Nissan patrols & Land cruisers on road..People have no other options to choose ..
    If the Toyota & Nissan bring up a worst model also still sale will happen in UAE.

  11. looks like a hippo on wheels

  12. @prado:yeah man even it reminded me de same..but luks nice 4me tho..

  13. When Nissan says it’s a sales success, it doesn’t mean, its the best seller in its stable, it means if it shipped 2000 Patrols in a month for UAE, all of them were sold, unlike some new 4×4’s rotting near Al Awir auto market. I think bestsellers in each manufacturer’s stable are normally small sedans like Tiida / Yaris or medium ones like Accord , Altima , Camry, true 4×4 forms a major part of sales but still, ecno cars sells more and they are bread and butter winner for the company.

  14. Well check google, you can find links of burnt 4×4’s of each and every model everywhere, anyways joke of the day.

  15. Author

    Interesting pictures, Hajooni. I wonder how that happened. Probably jumped it.

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