Video of the week: 2011 Volvo S60 City Safety demo

Video of the week: 2011 Volvo S60 City Safety demo

Here is our exclusive video of the 2011 Volvo S60 in a demonstration of its City Safety features, at the launch event in Dubai a few months ago. The camerawork is by our photographer Faisal Khatib, with narration and driving by Volvo representatives.

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  1. Awesome technology. This car is a must have by AGGRESSIVE drivers in Doha and the rest of the Middle East.

    Yesterday at 3:30 PM a 60 years old guy was hit in an accident in front of Qatar Airways building opposite the airport. The driver said he did not see him crossing the road. The guy is still alive but chance of staying alive is low as the doctors say.

    At least if he had a Volvo S60, he wouldn’t have hit him and caused major injuries!

    Thus, I like what Volvo has done. Great job.

    The car also looks great, but I think Volvo should fit these nice rims with wider tires as they would make the car look sportier.

  2. Alright people!

    So now we know the secret of this car.
    If you want to cross the road, and you see Volvo S60 2011 model on the road coming
    Jump in front of it!, and it will stop automatically hahahaha(evil laugh) lol (The driver will get crazy)

    Just kidding 😛

  3. Kudos the Volvo for their persistent dedication in developing automotive safety systems. And in recent years, they have also made progress in the styling vicinity. This company deserves more attention in the market than they get.

  4. Author

    If you plan to jump in front of one, make sure it’s doing under 50 kph, or it may not stop in time.

  5. Mash, why? are the brakes bad?

  6. Actually I assume the system allowed to take control of the brakes at a certain distance. At higher speeds, that distance may not be sufficient for the system to stop the car in time.

  7. Author

    ^Exactly. It takes 40-50 metres to hard-stop from 100 kph, so the car cannot be hitting the brakes fully every time something crosses its path so far away. It does do so if it thinks it will have an accident, but it may not be in time, such as when you are tailgating on purpose or a labourer tries to kill himself by jumping on the highway at 140 kph only 10 metres in front.

  8. I really doubt if cars over here would go under 50 kph in normal driving conditions but this technology would be really useful in the subcontinent.

  9. They refused to test it on me… -_-

  10. Seriously.. Most people in the UAE want to drive like its a race track and are barely skilled or trained proper basic driving skills from the first place in the driving schools here..
    Most people dont understand why cars roll over at high speeds and whats dangerous to do or not do.. Most people dont even understand or underestimate the risk or danger of driving from the first place.. Or even what to do in certain weather conditions.. If people understand their vehicles and the asses the risks involved they’d be more mature and better drivers

  11. Is fishgating possible with this car???

  12. the video above shows the system work at 7 to 10kmph, why not drive faster by 10kmph each time and see how the system works as the speed increases.

  13. Carmakers and auto safety organizations build and crash test safety systems to protect passengers at avg. driving speeds of 100Km/h.. & they tell you they cannot predict how messy things will go when you’re doing 140+… So speed will kill you no matter what..

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