Kia Rio 2012 to debut in March

Kia Rio 2012 to debut in March

The Rio is one of the few cars still carrying the old Kia baggage. But despite Kia only releasing these simple sketches of the next-generaiton 2012 Rio, the car is more ready than you’d think. It is set to debut in March at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

The current Kia Rio was the company’s third best-selling vehicle in non-Korean markets during 2010 with sales of more than 205,000 cars. The new one looks to be more European than VW itself, thanks to Kia snagging Audi’s former designer. It will likely be available in both hatchback and sedan body styles.

Keep track of UAE updates in the Kia Rio buyer guide.

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  1. Looks a bit like the VW Golf from the rear. I think it will be similar in size to the Hyundai i20.

  2. looks like kia hyundai is having a strategy of introducing 1 model each month….if they go at this pace surely they gonna overtake toyota & VW soon…

  3. They got their heads straightened and got their design studios working properly.. I believe all their designs are done in their US studios.

  4. I’ve used the 2006 Rio for almost 4 years, no wahala at all! it’s good and reliable. the body is stronger than that of its contemporaries too.
    I look forward to the 2012 model

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