Toyota FT-86 II concept closer to production

Toyota FT-86 II concept closer to production

Toyota has already confirmed that the FT-86 sports car, the spiritual successor to the 1980s “AE86” Corolla, is set for production. This is the third concept to show off the car, a bit different than before and closer to the actual version that will hit showrooms in late 2012 as a 2013 model.

The FT-86 II concept was displayed at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The rear-wheel-drive Toyota FT-86 will also have a Subaru version, and therefore Subaru is developing the engine, which will be a 2.5-litre “boxer” 4-cylinder, mated to a standard 6-speed manual.

Toyota’s UAE bosses have told us that the FT-86 will come to the GCC. Somehow, the idea of a true manual sports car with reliability at an affordable price has us way more interested than any new Lexus LFA or Nissan GT-R variant.

What do you think?



  1. Wow.. something interesting at last from toyota 🙂

  2. I thought it has a V6 when I fist saw the pix, but after reading the article, I am disappointed with the 4 cylinder engine!

  3. its a beauty ,they should delay it at all.I hope they bring it here .We missed the last generation MR-2 ,celica etc.

  4. Finally something worth looking at from Toyota. This actually looks more aggressive than the LFA imo. Love that ass!

  5. sport car with no power = 0 (useless)
    shame on you TOYOTA

    • sports car with no handling = 0 (useless) aswell…

      This thing doesnt weight more than 1.5 tonnes… A 2.5 engine is good enough for the job of getting it 0-100 in 7 seconds…

      Plus why is everyone comparing it to the GTR? This is a compact sports car not a GT super car… Compare it to the golf GTI and such..

    • Unless this is priced at something like 90k its useless. And the only ppl who will buy this will be the ones who value the toyota badge more than their thinking power. If priced more than 100k. I would go for a genesis coupe or a mustang 100/100 times. Who cares if its a toyota. It has to be competetive. If it is priced around 90K then its a brilliant car. Regards to other comments, its more important to have power and good handling than drifting abilities. If its your only car, you’re not gonna take it to a track and drift. It should be fun on the road not only on the track.

    • The ones who will buy it won’t be the one who want the TOYOTA badge they will be the one who knows the history of its predecessor.
      Drifting abilities include handling. It is really important for the car to handle well during a drift. Or else you will end in some bushes.

    • ROJ — 0-100 in 7 seconds!!!

      Thats not sport car performance. Even some SUVs can do better?!!

      Rahul Jones — What drifting are you talking about? Be realistic! We are in the GCC. Its a crime now adays. Not much of an opprtunity for you to take your car for a drift. Straight line acceleration is what people here in the GCC are looking for!

    • @Rahul: Please confirm if the predecessor was priced similar to a mercedez C class or a TOYOTA avalon? Please check the statistics of the GC in my comment below. I hope you are aware of the GC and dont intend to point that it is a bad handler and cannot drift?!! It might be just me but a good handling car given more power never hurt its drifting capabitlies, infact enhances a lot more in overall driving experience. Im pretty sure power is one of the essentials of a sports car, lack of which is never really a plus point. That would be calling a luxury car a good one due to its lack of features and premium feel. Not calling the FT86 a bad car here.It will probably a very nice one. But IMHO anything above 90-100k is not justified. Just my 2 cents.

    • May be I was wrong. looks like not everyone over has a craze for drifting. Then you guys shouldn’t be looking to this at all. The purpose of this car is drifting to bring back the old Hachiroku or the AE86 with this generation looks. Hope so they succeed in it.
      @Abdullah: I know its a crime. But I cannot live without it. Drifting is my life. I make sure I don’t cause any harm to anybody.

    • @ Abdullah… shave off 1-1.5 seconds & call it a day then..

      Or just buy an SUV and try driving it like a sports car…

    • @ROJ: if 7 seconds is a sports car, I guess we should call the Genesis Coupe and the new mustang V6,Camaro V6, Supercars for 0-100 of arnd 5.5 or less secs(5.4 and 5.1 reported in some reviews). ROJ buys a sports car, and i’ll get myself a Supercar ;). The 2011 mustang V8 would which goes in under 5 secs becomes a Hypercar. LOLZ, we have to generate new terms for all the real ones doing it under 4.5 secs. The bugatti is now termed as a rocket ship. 😉

    • I seriously don’t think it would be a 7secs car. Then whats the point of bringing out Zelas?
      Once I read is the engine is going to be the Subaru’s 2.5ltr turbo boxer engine. It makes 305 BHP. Using it in an Impreza WRX STi it goes from 0-100 in 5.2 secs. So, if thats the engine in this one than it should be faster hopefully. I searched in the internet and no where i couldnt find a proper specs of the FT-86. It is not reveiled out yet.

    • I dont know but last time i checked a sports car should go below 10 seconds from 0-100 and 2nd of all A sports car never stopped at only how big its engine is or how fast it accelerates.. Forgive me but fine say its like 0-100 in 5.5-6 seconds…
      The VW golf gti does it in 6.8 seconds and its quite a competent performance car and a good occasional track car..

  6. Hmm, no V6 & no Turbo for the FT86. Hope TRD along with Scoobys help, have done their job right this time.

    Toyota should take back the Zellas and send it to some third world country where it would be appreciated.

    Another thing, the FT86 should come with options of tiptronic or manual transmission, no simple Automatic 4-speeds PUHLEASEE!!

  7. ye sure u know i just want to know what can a 2.5(2.5sh….t) do in front of a masterpice 3.8t gtr which non of them on each body produse the same hp cuse the enjine is hand made . toyota is good for family car and thats it . its like u try too have best qulity of (homechoice) product in carfor

    • remind me to buy a gt-r when it comes down to the price of a ft-86

    • just becoz a car has only a 2.5 litre engine doesnn’t mean it is going to be underpowered.
      take for example lancer evolution which has 2 litre engine and Skyline R34 which has 2.6 litre engine.
      and remember this is the replacement for AE86 & not for Supra

  8. Guys get some sense. Power isn’t everything. Watch this video of its predecessor. Both the cars are modified but the Skyline has more horses…..

  9. look at the rear end! it is gorgeous

  10. based on the prices from a jap magazine its going to be priced from 127,000DHS to 155,000DHS wont be below 100,000k

  11. Well that just blows if thats the price range. There’s the Genesis coupe then which (I think) is in the same price range. That rear end and the 6 speed manual stick shift would be hard to ignore though…decisions decisions

    • (For me)Its a no brainer actually, the price is the only thing that the FT86 will have to compete with the genesis coupe. 306bhp 3.8 V6, Brembo brakes, RWD limited slip diff, and then u get leather seats, infinity audio and performance that rivals a G37. The genesis coupe is a clear winner in other markets including US, but has not hit off here in the toyota blinded crowd. Its funny and sad, that i think still ppl will buy this in loads.

  12. So you think a 2.5L boxer 4 engine doesn’t have enough power to pull you away? Why not just tune it?

    And why are you thinking that it’s better to have a bigger engine?

    A 2.0L 4cyl Golf R can do 0-100 in 5.5sec.
    A 5.5L 8cyl Merc G55 can do 0-100 in 5.5sec.

    However, let’s be honest now .. who are the competitors to this car? It looks better than a R8, GTR, Gallardo, etc IMO!

    • LOL ! comparing this to R8, GT-R and Gallardo !! OMG, that is like comparing a street dog to a derby horse. even if this is given 500 hp, with a V12 engine biturbo, It will still be a street dog infront of that elite group. You a comparing a budget sports car(that also from toyota, not a Lotus or something) to true supercars!! This is just funnny!! If this turns out to be competetive, i.e if it is given atleast 250 hp, the competitors are simply , the american muscle trio, the GC and maybe the 370Z and G37.

  13. in my opinion this car will still have a good impact in the market.not all can buy those cars you are talking toyota maybe thought of creating one that even 20 to 24yrs old can but it plus with aggressive can balme them,a sportscar with this price?who wouldnt want it.

  14. I dont know what happened to the age of affordable and cheap sports cars? The Japanese should build cars equivalent to the Renault Clio Sport or Peugeot 206 RC… Something affordable and cheap to run and insure..

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