MG 550 and MG 750 launched in UAE

MG 550 and MG 750 launched in UAE

The MG brand has officially been launched in the UAE, at an event in Dubai. MG, or Morris Garages, was originally a sporty British brand under Rover before changing hands to become a part of SAIC, China’s largest carmaker. Chinese-built models at launch include the MG 550 and the MG 750, with the MG3, MG 350 and MG6 models set to join later.

The 2011 MG 550 1.8T comes with a 158 hp 1.8-litre light-pressure turbo 4-cylinder engine and a 5-speed automatic, with the base model getting 16-inch alloys wheels, four-wheel ventilated disc brakes, cruise control, stability control, two front airbags, ABS with EBD, fabric seats, one-press engine start with the key still requiring insertion, steering-mounted radio controls, power windows and mirrors, automatic climate control a/c, CD/MP3 stereo with 8 speakers, keyless entry, illuminated sunshade mirrors, digital gauges and fog lights. The top “Deluxe” model gets 17-inch alloys, side-curtain airbags, dual-zone a/c, leather upholstery, tinted windows, electric driver’s seat, parking sensors, sunroof and a basic GPS system. There are many more options available, such as Bluetooth, rear camera and cooler box, but the dealer will not offer those for now.

The 2011 MG 750 2.5, based fully on a facelifted Rover 75, comes with a 183 hp 2.5-litre V6, 5-speed automatic, 16-inch alloy wheels, four-wheel ventilated disc brakes, cruise control, dual front airbags, stability control, ABS with EBD, leather seats, power-adjustable driver’s seat, adjustable steering wheel, steering-mounted radio controls, automatic climate control a/c, CD/MP3 stereo with 8 speakers, CD changer, sunroof, keyless entry, auto headlights, cooled central cubby box, illuminated sunshade mirrors and parking sensors. Options such as GPS and side airbags are not yet available, but may be offered later.

The first MG dealership by AW Rostamani will be in Deira within Dubai. The MG 550 starts at Dhs 64,000 till Dhs 69,000. The MG 750 comes in only one trim for Dhs 76,000. All cars come with a warranty for 3 years or 100,000 km.

We drove one of these cars six months ago that was used by dealer staff for evalution. Read the exclusive 2011 MG 550 first drive.

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  1. Nice spec list and decent prices…

  2. they look really nice.Unlike the other chinese manufactures they should work hard in instilling confidence to the CM.I do not recall any chinese car doing well here ever.The reason being inspite of UAE being the land of cars ,the masses are very conservative in purchasing.These guys should simply increase their warranty .If marketed well this would be superb for the fleet companies and definetly for the first time owner.ALL the Best .I especially like the 750 in black with the body kit and 18 ‘ inch rims.

  3. decrease the prices, increase warranty, add in a lucrative service contract, dealer and sales people should show the zeal to sell and serve and this brand show do relatively good.
    with the Cruze topping at 62k, wonder how will the MG550 survive

  4. Whatever it is.. It shames me to see a brand like MG end up like this…. This is a chinese car with an MG badge…

    • There is nothing bad in MG falling in the hands of the chinese.I believe MG and Volvo are in same hands now.

    • Theres is nothing wrong in MG falling in Chinese hands. I believe MG and Volvo are in safe hands now.

    • you can only blame the germans for that they were the ones who bought the old rover company , produced their own Minis and sold the name MG to the chinese company, anyway i think the chinese company did a good job in maintaining the reputation of MG with many improvements to the original model rover 75 , the question is does this car match the reputation of original ancestor , we need to ask someone who owned both cars

  5. Its funny that the MG 550 gets GPS but the MG 750 dosen’t. But MG definetly lost its sporty attributes.

  6. All chinese stuff looks somewhat decent and then ends up in scrap in some time. Dont see any reason why this will be different. Mayb there is something MG about it other than the badge and it will last longer. Forget the prices, buy it from the scrapyard in a few months time.

  7. chinese actually excel in manufacturing foregn branded products though not thier own domestic made stuff… however, i would simply wait for some guy to buy it and buy it off him for 30% of the value in a year or 2’s time 🙂

  8. i happened to have got a ride in the 550.
    twas neat.

  9. Well , Volvo is now a Chinese brand and under the same shanghai auto group, its now up to the shanghai management how they want the brand to preform.They should flood grey market with cheap spares, and provide guarantee for 3yrs, 250,000km…. then lot of people will switch from world no1 car maker…

  10. I am Interested, what is the availability

  11. I have MG 750 and driving fr two months. Its driving comfort, peformence and looks are outstanding. Its economical,spacious and classic. its worth the price. I am proud of this MG.

  12. How it reached chinese hand, please don’t keep it in dragon mart, its realy precious art, real car

  13. i think that all of you are forgetting that the MG is still designied, developed and engeneered in the UK, its just made in China! there’s nothing wrong with the car, its actually still great if not better!

  14. we have purchased 2 cars from al rustamani MG 750 and now crying.i had an accident and 3 months passed but the parts has not arrived.when i pushed my car fast its smell like some thing is burning inside in my car.when you sit in my car you will hear a weired sound like all parts need are noisy as well.this all happend in 3 months and blue tooth is not clear as well.dont spend money on it.

    • I wont agree with this statement brother, casue i am owning MG550 where i didnt felt anythin as you mentioned above, so please dont just simply throw out some stupid points. And Obviously, if you find one mango rotten in a tree doesn’t say all the mangoes are rotten.
      I really appreciate Saic Motors for keeping it up and steady.

  15. i will buy the 550 , for real its amazing car, the options ar wow

  16. I wanted to buy 55O but Ali’s expereince scared, any one has any positive expereinces, plz share, i will spend my hard earned money on this car plus bank loan


    • Hi Kashif,
      I am owning a MG550, as far i neve experience any sound or thought of putting additional oil to my car rather than to my engine :).. i love to drive this small sporty 1.8L Turbo through this UAE roads. Its really owesome and i bet u wont get a toy like this on this range of price.
      I did my major srvice for 40k kilometers.

  17. stay away gents
    Buy better,it will last you longer. Check Youtube reviews!!

    Even the Koreans are making better cars!


    What happens on the prodcution line matters a lot. Factory workers are on 18 hr shifts, resource management is non-existent, they don’t care for safety, at least not like other brands do. They’ve marginally passed the safety tests. You are looking at spending 79K on a car better go for a KIA. They actually give a S…!!
    Volvo is manufactured under patent with strict protocal on raw materials used and safety measures are in place,they are not entirely owned by Chinese and production is fiercly supervised by their Swedish partners. BTW Volvo is owned GEELY but ex- ceo Svenska Dagbladet said that Geely’s chairman had given guarantees that all research and development activities would remain in Sweden and that production would first be assured by plants in Sweden.

  19. yes.. my mg 750e has been 6 months now and also has a problem same like mr JP KANDY’s MG, we just want to suggest to all to care to spend the money and keep working good for MG quallity and services. thank you.

  20. How to change oil in MG Rover 750…i didn’t find the nut in the chamber

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