So we got a 2011 Toyota Land Cruiser 5.7 Xtreme

So we got a 2011 Toyota Land Cruiser 5.7 Xtreme

This drive was a long time coming. The “Xtreme” package for the Toyota Land Cruiser has been around since late 2008, with any of the LC trims and engines. Modified by an Icelandic firm called Arctic Trucks at their Dubai-based workshop with a full UAE dealer warranty, the Xtreme makes a Land Cruiser look hopped up on steroids, and is now available for the “new” 5.7-litre V8 model that debuted in the GCC recently.

The most obvious difference between the Xtreme and the regular Land Cruiser is all in the wheels. The suspension seems lifted by more than 4 centimetres, while there are additional fender flares tacked on over the wheel arches to cover the much larger offroad tyres. There are metal tubes alongside the side steps, and the front bumper lip is a bit different.

The add-ons add about maybe 10 centimetres to the width of the truck. That may seem like a small number, until you realise that it takes up almost the entire width of certain cramped parking spaces. It can still fit, but keeping it between the lines can take a couple of tries, unless you just choose to be like most incompetent LC owners and leave it sticking out. Luckily, the doors can still be opened easily when parked alongside other cars, because the main body of the truck isn’t any wider than before.

There isn’t much more different than the Toyota Land Cruiser we tested before. The interior is familiar, except for the slightly higher ride height and the wood-effect stickers on some plastic bits. Our fully-optioned tester even had “60th anniversary” badges and hooks on the door sills to tack on sun-shades.

Those sun-shades are not of the pull-up variety, but actual separate pieces that were dumped in the cargo hold, as can be seen here. They can be clipped on as needed in the desert. Also check out the bag holding an air compressor and a tow rope, though we doubt those are standard equipment.

Since there seems to be a shortage of photos for what looks to be a special UAE-only model, we went ahead and took a bunch. And watch out for the full review. It is easier to drive than it looks, on and off-road, even if all we did was flatten firm sand in wet weather.

What do you think?



  1. Looks like a japanese sumo wrestler 😛

  2. I think last time I went for a fun visit to Toyota showroom the price of this was 280K or 320K DHS…… which is not worth to waste……

  3. How much does this cost?

  4. isn’t arctic trucks the firm that did the hilux that was driven by top gear to the pole?

  5. awesome beast , its quite competitive to Wald Black Bison but Wald would beat s out of it anytime any day only on roads not in desert.

  6. i always thought the new Land Cruiser would never grow on me, which it still hasn’t, to be honest. but looking at the Xtreme, i think i like it. infact being a “Patrol Diehard fan” i can go as far as saying that, this looks a better deal to me. its got that tough-man’s-car look that the old Patrol had, sadly missing in the new one though.

  7. Toyota should change the interior in all 4WD ….

    • If they did upgrade the interior, it would become a Lexus 😉

    • The reason why the interiors are like this are the steering, gear lever, hand brake lever and the center arm rest are more often used things and can get dirty too. But in this color it won’t be noticed much. This also includes few other used parts too.

  8. nice attempt toyota 😛

    thanks mash for the report…

  9. How Much does this kit costs i m planning to put same tires,suspension and fenders how much it might be ???

  10. Except mechanical..
    my boss did same leather + navigation + back seat lcd +frontand rear camera

    from Sharjah for 5,000

    I bet this is the same leather


  12. How Much does this kit costs i m planning to put same tires,suspension and fenders how much it might be ???

  13. If only toyota made the ’12 fortuner wider, more luxirous, more options, and safety.

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