2013 Chevrolet Malibu leaked online

2013 Chevrolet Malibu leaked online

General Motors has been releasing stupid “teaser” photos online of the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu in a bid to get multiple stories out of insipid bloggers. However, the first full photo of the redesigned Malibu has been leaked, although it is very likely GM “leaked” it themselves for publicity.

The next-generation Malibu will be ditching the current longer-sized platform that made it unique, instead plugging the new body onto a shorter-wheelbase Opel Insignia-derived platform. It will also feature new Ford-inspired tech, such as an LCD multimedia screen with the added benefit that it flips up to reveal a storage cubby.

The engines are likely to be updated versions of the current 2.4-litre and 3.6-litre units, though not much more is known. The car is expected to hit showrooms sometime well into 2012.

Keep track of GCC updates in the Chevrolet Malibu buyer guide.

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  1. One of the weak points of the current design remains; namely the ancient truck like grille.
    I have never understood why the Malibu is so rare in the UAE, the ride quality is good and it is the quietest non-premium sedan I have driven. But its really hard to spot a Malibu, and I have not noticed even one black Malibu so far.
    One thing may be that they are very inflexible on the pricing. The fusion was rare, but now u see a bit more Fusions as price starts from 69. The Malibu was never below 78k I think >

  2. ^no rear a/c vents is a good reason for its rarity

  3. Rear end looks cool. But it does not match up with the front. They should have also made the front look more sharper.

  4. hey mash have u any pics of the new camry(2013),its exterior design

  5. Rear AC Vents arent that big a deal; the previous Accord didnt have them but they are very popular. I think even the current accord basic version doesnt have it.

  6. That bonnet reminds me of a Dodge Avenger.

  7. @Musa
    i can give you a couple of theories as to why it is rare. one thing that is, Malibu of 80s were rear-wheel drive and i know this because my father had one back then in the early 90s.

    2ndly, alongwith being rear-wheeler, it even had an 8-cylinder engine which the new ones don’t have.

    so you see, Chevrolet has in effect changed the car what it used to be. infact, car-makers want to progress ahead; with Malibu, Chevrolet has regressed and people are aware of that exact point:)

  8. The front bears many similarties with the epica which has bben on sale since 2008, but of course the rear end and interior will be different, and for the fusion and malibu, i say we are talking about V6 car starting from 78, it should be fine price compared to other V6, and this is for Mash, the story of Land Cruiser Extreme is not opening with (browse safely) message coming, the filter is using key words and “Xtreme” could have been misunderstood by the filter software so change the title please. I remebered once hotmail was unaccessable because it includes the word “hot” in it, if you understand what I mean !!!

    • Author

      It’s the name of the car, brother. Nothing much I can do if your office uses such daft software. What software is it anyway? Hopefully those having problems at home can exclude this site in their net security filters.

    • Author

      Oh no! I am getting reports that the LC “xtreme” article is getting blocked by DU. What stupidity! Some of you DU users should report it to them to get it unblocked.

  9. this is what I walking about, I work in media city and the internet provider here is du, that is why I sent you the first message, it is not my company using filters, I meant the provider.


  10. At last, what I care about is the rear of this car… They fixed the rear…phew!! good step. keept it up!
    And for those who ask why this car was not popular.. it’s simply obvious, the rear lights of the old model were eye killers!!!

    Now, with this rear lights, you can guarantee that this car will be popluar 🙂


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