Lexus LF-Gh hybrid concept hints at 2013 design ideas

Lexus LF-Gh hybrid concept hints at 2013 design ideas

Lexus has unveiled the all new LF-Gh hybrid concept at the 2011 New York International Auto Show. According to Lexus, this concept is designed to be a high-performance luxury grand touring sedan while also being able to deliver supreme driving experience, and being as efficient and as “green” in its emission levels as possible.

This hybrid vehicle is built on a rear-wheel drive platform and is fairly big enough to transport probably as many adults as any other sedan does along with some good boot space. Nevertheless, only time shall prove if the same design cues will make it to the final production of a future model.

On the inside, fit and finish is supposedly using high-quality materials. The driver’s zone include a meter panel with excellent visibility, a driver-friendly console layout and an all-new analogue clock with three-dimensional face, all of which add to the “premium” feel.

The technical aspects of the vehicle are currently unknown. However, it is rumoured that the hybrid is capable of hitting 100 kph in about 6 seconds and can go well over 200 kph while returning an estimated fuel efficiency of 6.4 litres/100 kms.

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  1. Theres a redesigned 2012 jaguar xf released @ the new york show.. thats a looker..

  2. Not much distinctive car lines, just a mere change of headlights, bumpers and rear, plus additional led lights here and there…

    Overall, it still sticks to the same body shape of the current lexus lineups.

    Though i must say, its neatly pimped.

  3. it doesn’t have side mirrors.. : S

  4. If the L logo was not there, it would look like a BMW to me.

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