2011 Middle East Motor Tuning Show: photo coverage

2011 Middle East Motor Tuning Show: photo coverage

The second edition of the Middle East Motor Tuning show is in full swing at the Sharjah Expo Centre. Running from the 12th of May to the 14th, it is a short event showcasing various locally-based tuners from Dubai and Sharjah, such as Al Ghandi, Liberty Motorsports and West Coast Customs, as well as showcasing a variety of classic cars. Also on display are various cars modified with ridiculous sound systems for the audio contest. And te show marks the first public display of the Korean Spirra supercar. Tickets cost Dhs 25, so it is advisable you go at night to catch the Arab version of drifting.

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  1. I went there 2day, it was great! The new korean car is rly sweet, the guys there let us start it up. The moded cars were awesome, free monster energy drink to finish up. Kind of disappointed with the “drift” circuit… More like a donut factory :p

    • In case any1 is wondering about wat korean car i’m talkin about, its the black coupe b/w the 2 camaros, 4th row from the bottom (of the photo thumbs). Heres wat i rmmbr of the specs according to one of the guys there (bear with me cuz my memory is cr@p):
      2.7l turbo charged
      0-100kph in 3.5 or 3.7 secs (dont quite rmmbr)
      full carbon body fiber (which is y its very quick)
      fully customizable b4 sale: u can even ask for different stitching patterns on ur leather! 😛
      somewhere around the 300k mark
      manual 6 speed only
      oh and did i mention it makes an awesome noise 🙂

      Also, i think the rly (RLY!!) big pick up with the orange stripe is totally wicked… but where would drive something like that around here?? I think u need a trailer license to drive that beast!

    • Sorry for multiple posts 😛
      went to this website:


      the one in the motor show the turbo (not twin turbo) model

  2. Going there tomorrow, We were meant to have a stand for us, but it didnt work out..


  3. awesome pics but where is the drivearabia copyrights?

  4. The motorshow sucked this time… now they charge, and they reduced the size by half!

  5. It sucked!! 25 AED wasted!

  6. It was an excellent experience.

    The Dunkle (picture no. 32) is really awsome. We heared that its for Five Million US Dollors.

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