Kia Picanto 2012 officially launched in the UAE

Kia Picanto 2012 officially launched in the UAE

Al Majid Motors, the Kia dealer in the UAE, officially launched the all-new 2012 Kia Picanto at their showroom in Dubai, although the car has been quietly on sale for a month now.

Extenally, it’s a well-done design, with standard LEd tail lamps, optional alloy wheels and the top model getting LED surrounds for the headlamp bulbs, like in European luxury cars. The inside remains a plastic tub however, and even though the car has grown a fair bit, it remains cramped in terms of rear legroom and cargo volume, though those aren’t necessarily complaints if you’re shopping for a supermini. Headroom and front space are excellent.

The interior offers a range of trim options, including leatherette upholstery, CD/MP3 player with AUX/iPod and USB connections, Bluetooth, manual a/c, electric-folding door mirrors, automatic headlights, passenger seat storage trays and illuminated vanity mirrors.

The 5-door 2012 Picanto is available in LX and EX trim levels, both fitted with a 1.2–litre4-cylinder engine with variable-valve timing, packed with 86 hp at 6000 rpm and 120 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm, with a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic. The 855-kg hatchback can do the 0-100 kph run in 11.6 seconds with a top speed of 169 kph with a manual gearbox, although the automatic will be a fair bit slower.

The base price starts at Dhs 36,500, going all the way up to Dhs 43,000.

Keep track of updates in the Kia Picanto buyer guide.

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  1. It’s a nice IMO. Decent for the size and the money you pay for it especially with the fit and finish quality these Korean cars come with nowadays…

  2. Attractive design, price and options. Not so very attractive engine though. I don’t think this can compete with its variants like the Swift in terms of the car itself, but probably in terms of sales.

    • You are insulting Suzuki Swift by comparing this little thing form Kia to Swift.Swift would be compared to Cerrato hatchback I guess and not to Picanto.

    • I think that swift, yaris, and tida hatbacks as well as kia rio compares to eachother. I remmember that Suzuki’s car compared to Picanto is Celerio if i am not mistaken with the name. This car is better though

  3. saw a truck load heading out of jebel ali port the other day looks nice in pictures but the colors i saw where the usual base models white n silver dint look so good

  4. A perfect car for Indian Roads…

    • You already get the Hyundai i10 in India. Picanto is based on the i10 platform and all the mechanical including the engine are same. They only differ in terms of design.

    • @Harish – i10 is boring now. Wherever you turn your head some one will drive it… somewhat like SWIFT.

  5. KM/L??For a car of this size thats the first thing that would spring to my mind not 0-100 figures.Knowing them doubt any of thouse gizmos will make it to UAE.

  6. For that kind of money (40K) I ll buy a used Accord and feel safe.

  7. i guess a saw the new hyundai elantra!! has it officialy been launched!!
    aniway i think picanto comes in yaris, mazda 2 range.. coz tida is in corolla class.. n swift is stuck in middle.

  8. the car is certainly the best looker in the class

  9. it has got led lights as well 😮

  10. The car is certainly an eye catcher. I haven’t driven it though, but hope – it will be good for the middle-low class car owners.

  11. This is a great car for the price. I am currently using a Picanto 2012 in Sri Lanka a green colour one. Compared to other similar models this has a sleek exterior and interior. This has a posh look and fuel consumption is also good. My one still does around 10Kms per ltr. But people who have been using this for some time says, it reaches upto 15Kms per ltr. Seats are not so comfortable, the back seat feels like you are sitting on a wooden plank, its that flat. Overall car is good

  12. what is the monthly instalment 4 kia picanto 2012

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