New petrol shortage rocks Dubai and Sharjah

New petrol shortage rocks Dubai and Sharjah

This may be old news for all those people suffering in Dubai and Sharjah, but there is yet another ongoing petrol shortage in these two cities, affecting residents for the past week, right in time for the summer.

We saw long queues forming at an Eppco station more than a week ago, but didn’t even think that there could be yet another petrol shortage in a country that produces it. But media reports have confirmed that it is so, and this time, there are absolutely no real excuses for it. The vague story by Eppco-ENOC goes that they are “upgrading” their equipment at petrol pumps, so they have no petrol at those stations. On the other hand, Emarat is simply saying that all Eppco-ENOC customers are now crowding into their stations so they’ve run out at many stations as well. Abu Dhabi’s ADNOC stations, some of which are in Sharjah, have no such problems.

As these minor incidents seem to be snowballing into a major public issue, with news reports still claiming no end in sight, people are having to resort to abandoning their cars on the road or filling up with premium petrol where available. It may be time to conserve petrol, as yet another news report claims the petrol companies are intentionally doing this to ration petrol, as they have to sell it at lower than market price and thus causing them funding problems.

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  1. I didnt see any petrol shortage, I get my tank full once a week…

  2. it is true, yesterday, there was two EPPCO stations closed in Shj. (1 on Khan Rd. the other on Ittihad Rd.) ENOC on Itthad Rd. was closed, and i heard that the 2 ENOC near Mirdiff CC were out of gas too, today morning, there was a long line in ENOC Mirdiff with half pumps working only.

  3. i keep hearing about this from other people and on the radio/newsapapers.
    what are these people talking about?
    i drive from dubai-abu dhabi and back to dubai everyday and i dont find any petrol shortage either in dubai or in abu dhabi. no idea about sharjah as i never go there.
    strange indeed

  4. Last friday, me and my dad were leaving AUS, the lines at the petrol stations were crowding airport road, it was terrible 😐

  5. Yes I witnessed it today in Dubai, and few days back in sharjah

  6. I am using my electric scooter for short evening trips……..

  7. Thats why i would like to get Lexus CT from a long time.

  8. Sharjah is the worst affected I guess as I have not seen so much of problems in Dubai. In Sharjah, 2-3 Adnoc pumps are the only pumps serving almost every car in Sharjah while almost every EPPCO/ENOC and Emarat pumps are non-functional. I myself had to wait for about 45 minutes in queue at the Adnoc fuel station in Al-Khan on a Saturday morning at 7’o clock!

  9. Yes actually people in Sharjah are the ones complaining.. I dont know whats the issue with the stations in SHJ..

  10. so its only shj, cause absolutely no problems in dubai. no problems in abu dhabi either… well there is always a huge line at adnocs on the dxb-ad highway nothing unusual.

  11. feels like a new tricks to find an excuse for price hike…

  12. Todays Gulf News quotes self appointed “energy experts” claiming price of oil should eb at least 3.16 dhs per litre and that people in UAE are “rich enough to eb able to afford an increas”

    Good luck everyone, all at the same time when Saudis bask in 50 fils per litre, thats one good thing the Saudis have done.

  13. Or the Dubai petrol companies are boycotting Sharjah…

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