BMW X3 2011 gets AC Schnitzer kit

BMW X3 2011 gets AC Schnitzer kit

German tuning firm AC Schnitzer has unveiled their range of performance and styling enhancements exclusively developed for the BMW X3.

Performance accessories for almost all variants of X3 are under development, though AC Schnitzer does have a power upgrade available for the X3 xDrive20d – good for an extra 35 hp. There is a suspension upgrade kit for improved balance between handling and ride comfort. Performance upgrades for the X3 xDrive30d, and a sports exhaust with chromed “Racing” tailpipe trim made for the 6-cylinder gasoline variants, are all coming soon.

On the styling end, there is an aerodynamic kit which includes a front and rear roof spoiler, several choices of rims in 18, 19 or 20-inch sizes, and AC Schnitzer protective film for the rear skirt. Interior elements comprise of AC Schnitzer aluminium gear knobs in anodised silver or “Black Line” and chrome, illuminated leather, or with digital gear display, “Black Line” aluminium cover for the BMW-specific i-Drive system controller, AC Schnitzer aluminium pedal set, and AC Schnitzer velours floor mats. A sports steering wheel with airbag is under development.

Those interested in the upgrades may visit the BMW dealers in UAE, for further inquiries.

Keep track of GCC updates in the BMW X3 buyer guide.

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  1. Wuts the point in buying something like this, just buy a station wagon if you really need the extra space since one obviously doesnt buy this to go off road. Pointless thing..

  2. Yeh i still dont get that,,proper midsize crossovers i can understand like rav4, xtrail,crv, murano, etc,,they have a purpose.
    But these things i just dont get the point. Its small, its expensive probably not as fast as a fast station or hatch back,cant go off road..So simply pointless..

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