Infiniti JX crossover to join 2012 model range

Infiniti JX crossover to join 2012 model range

Nissan has launched a near-production “concept” version of the 2012 Infiniti JX crossover at the U.S. Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance event.

The 2012 Infiniti JX is a three-row 7-passenger crossover SUV with a sliding second-row bench. It will be powered by a V6 engine mated to a CVT automatic and either front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive. Infiniti seems keen to point out that the CVT has a “sport” mode that adds fake gear-shifts.

The Infiniti JX will debut even more intrusive new safety features, namely Blind Spot Intervention and Backup Collision Intervention. Other features include a 14-speaker Bose Studio surround sound system with Waveguide bass technology and an advanced Infiniti Connection Telematics system that can automatically synch the owner’s calendar and provide navigation guidance to appointments. It will also feature the Infiniti Personal Assistant, Infiniti’s new U.S. personal concierge service with 24-hour access to a live team of professional assistants.

The production version of the all-new Infiniti JX will debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2011, and it will hit showrooms in early 2012. It is not yet known if the JX will be offered in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and other GCC markets.

Keep track of updates in the Infiniti buyer guide.

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  1. Back looks like baby QX. Feel like CVT is not a good choice.

  2. FX=JX is the same equation as Outlander=ASX kind of thing…they look so damn the same !

  3. That looks terrible and the specs are even worse.If that was released here that would make it the first FWD Infiniti in UAE and it will flop,Period.

    I think I am in a bad mood today

  4. what are the engines of the other rivals? i mean, what is the disadvantage of a CVT engine compared to other engines. can someone elaborate pls. thanks.

    • CVT is transmission, not engine

    • Like Samer said it is a transmission. Disadvantage can be slower acceleration is sports mode, the engine revs staying high always under full throttle which can be a bit annoying and the transmission makes the engine more noisier.

  5. REally disappointed to see infiniti go the CVT route. Even with the “fake shifts” you just know its a CVT in there, also not sure what that does to its reliability.

  6. Lol, i told you guys couple of months back, everyone had a heated exchange over CVT’s. CVT will come in premium cars also, slowly slowly. May be some people realize only when things happen in practical, this one is good example.

  7. For a 7 seater, it looks way much better than that ugly as hell QX school bus SUV… This is a characterful and good looking SUV..

    & regarding CVT it might be the perfect gearbox for economic city driving but i dont like it. I dont enjoy driving a car with CVT at all, it revs alot, i dont get a feel of the engine or traction and the gear shifter is there which I dont like because I know that the gear shifts are faked by a software program..

    With all the funky stuff coming up nowadays people are actually starting to miss cars with an actual engaging driving experience. I can give this Infiniti an exception for having a CVT since its a luxury SUV but still would prefer a car that maintains a mechanical/old school driving feel as much as its bathed with funky hi-tech gadgetry. For example, you wont find a CVT in a G37, that would be the ultimate shame and disgrace..

    Carmakers build cars that do the job, people buy them regardless, they can hypnotize us into adapting to CVTs but seeing for yourself is good enough for me..

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