So we got a Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0TSI

So we got a Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0TSI

Our run with Volkswagens continues, this time with the VW Scirocco 2.0TSI. After driving the VW Golf R, we didn’t expect much from this one, but our time with the car has been pleasantly surprising.

The Scirocco is definitely more attractive than the Golf, even though both of them share the same mechanicals. For one, the roof is a fair bit lower, but not low enough to compromise space.

The dashboard is taken straight out of the Golf. It feels so much like a Golf that you might miss the fancier door handles, about the only thing different.

The Scirocco also gets uncovered cup-holders, an obvious cost-cutting step, considering the Golf gets a sliding cover for that as well as a fancy built-in removable beer-bottle opener!

The Scirocco’s boot is also less practical than the Golf, with a high opening, lower volume and far fewer hooks to hang grocery bags from.

The VW Scirocco 2.0TSI is a Golf GTI in sharper skin. Practical compromises were to be expected in the transformation, which is why the Golf still exists. We haven’t driven the Golf GTI yet, but if it is anything like this, then we now understand the hype. More in the full review.

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  1. Strange coiincidence i was looking at this car yesterday on the net, today saw jermy Clarkson’s quip about it on top gear and now the same car is up for review here

  2. i like this car so much, but im just wait to check a review about Audi A1 and see the diffrence in the fuel economy and the speed too ~

    • Author

      The A1 is for girls. This is the car to buy.

    • 5 year before i used to classified the cars as boys or girls..but look at to the roads.. the most expensive and toughest cars are driven by girls. dont know about dubai but in abu dhabi i have seen several mustang, uncountable range rover – X5 – Infinity- Mercedes. girls loves 4*4 and other costly cars…guys love economical cars as their wives will drive the costly one 🙂

    • I don’t think guys LOVE economical cars dude, They drive them cause they can’t afford to live with exotics. If I had to choose between a Lambo and a Corolla, I wouldn’t touch the corolla with a ten foot pole!

    • thats what i said..guys drove cheap cars bcoz their wives will drive the best one 😀

  3. i just wonder if the Hyundai Veloster will be a good korean compare to this scirocco, or im i wrong?

    it look same i think .

  4. At last… My favorite small car ever will get reviewed!? ;p

  5. These cars seat you very firmly I bought a Jetta recently and all is fine except this very firm cushioning! I dont know if the seats will loose a bit by time as they did not appear so when I test drove it, yet 1 recent trip outside Dubai and seating became really difficult to bear. Hope any vw owner can inform about the longterm experience. thx

  6. Take it from Germans to put a “built-in removable beer-bottle opener” in a car. So much for promoting the fact that drinking an driving dont mix? LOL. Whats next? Soda

  7. I’m looking into getting a GTI soon so it would be great if you could review a basic model GTI too. I’d love to buy the Scirocco but it’s more expensive than the GTI.

    • That must be a UAE thing because both in the UK and in Qatar (where I bought mine) the Scirocco was slightly cheaper.

      Good to see DA finally reviewing this (as opposed to just a snarky comment on it’s market launch).

    • Yeah, that’s what I was expecting too when I walked into the showroom.

      But then again I am getting the base GTI which is 10k OMR, the fully loaded GTI is 13k OMR and the Scirocco is 14K OMR which is only available fully loaded. So technically, it just costs 1k OMR more.

  8. Please a video with walk around and exhaust sound…… 😉

  9. it does seem like a fun car … i fiddled around with one on Alkhail road a few weeks ago with a 2.5 Z4 and i was surprised it was able to keep up. It seemed a bit nervous on the turns or maybe it was just the driver or maybe it was just a front-wheel-drive thing?

    It would be awesome if they had these and the Golf in rear-wheel, super I say!

  10. when are you going to publish the full review?

  11. i ended up buying one of these and let me tell you, it’s as sweet as they come

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