Ferrari 458 Spider drops the hard top for 2012

Ferrari 458 Spider drops the hard top for 2012

Ferrari expands its mid-engined V8 lineup with the introduction of the all-new 458 Spider, the first sports coupe exotic from the Italians to feature a retractable hard top, at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Propelled by Ferrari’s award winning naturally-aspirated direct-injection 4.5-litre V8 engine mated to a dual-clutch F1 style paddle-shift transmission, the 458 Spider shoots to 100 kph in 3.4 seconds. Best handling dynamics is ensured through technologies borrowed from F1 racing technologies including E-Diff integrated with the F1-Trac traction control and ABS. The accelerator mapping and the damping of the multilink suspension has been modified for optimum performance.

The hard-top solution in the 458 Spider is supposedly lighter than the folding soft-top by 25 kg and deploys in 14 seconds. Ferrari claims the possibility of normal conversation to be held whilst driving top down even at speeds over 200 kph, with an adjustable electric wind stop which is designed to slow and diffuse the air in the cabin.

The Ferrari 458 Spider should be reaching the UAE, Saudi Arabia and GCC by early 2012 with a price tag not less than Dhs 1 million.

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  1. Mash you forgot the first character “F” in “Ferrari”

    hahaha, I liked the new name errari 😀

    sounds like italian football player.

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