Dubai traffic fines 30% discount

Dubai traffic fines 30% discount

We are all used to those banners plastered around malls announcing discounts for customers. It is such a norm in Dubai that some outlets have discounts throughout the year. Keeping in mind with this image, Dubai police have announced 30% discount on traffic fines that were accumulated before September 10th 2011.

The discount is only valid on fines that were issued in Dubai on any vehicle, registered in Dubai or any other Emirates or GCC country as per local newspaper Gulf Today. Fines can be paid at the traffic department (Deira/Bur Dubai), all police stations, vehicle registration centers, RTA offices, Emirates bank, payment machines and through the internet.

No discount shall apply on fines issued after September 10th and on fines issued on top of fines for payment delays. Fines paid through instalments or a cheque is also exempted from this discount. Salik fines are also not discounted.

This special offer is valid for three months beginning September 11th to December 11th 2011 with a possibility of an extension. AED365 million worth of unpaid fines are accrued according to Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen.

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  1. Please Extend this Opertunity

    Since last 10 year I am Driving in UAE Never happened any traffic violation in this time But last week I got 3 Radar 600*3=1800 this is a huge amount fo me because my salary 1 month Same Only also I am jobless thats way happened this violation

    give a chance for Discount Pay


  2. Sicne more than tow year iam driving in UAE never happend any traffic violation in thist time But last week i happend minor accidet,and i got 4oo DHR SO I REQUST U PLESE GIVE ME DISCOUNT PAY

  3. I’m student in dubai i have driving fine 3850 dhs .dubai police & rta . really I can’t pay this amount I’m begging you help me and give me discount . I’m so sorry . I try don’t repeat this act . I promise it is last driving fine
    thanks a lot .

    • Mohammad Tajaddod let me know if i help you add me at skype: muhammadali8125 Its my skype address add me at skype hope i will help you.

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