Ford Evos Concept to debut at Frankfurt Motor Show

Ford Evos Concept to debut at Frankfurt Motor Show

While most manufacturers these days are too busy either refining their V8 engines for maximum efficiency, or refining the interior appointments by increasing the size of their in-dash touchscreens, Ford seems to be heading for a different dimension altogether as evident in their latest Evos Concept.

Ford’s Evos concept is all about incorporating next-generation technologies into a vehicle which heavily relies on cloud connectivity, thereby allowing possibilities of fancy space age level driving experience seen only in Hollywood movies. The Evos concept is powered by Ford’s plug-in hybrid powertrain featuring the proven Ford Powersplit technology, where the vehicle’s electric motor and gasoline engine can work together or independently as required, depending on power and efficiency demands. The vehicle is capable of running only on batteries before switching to charge-sustaining hybrid mode for optimal fuel efficiency and larger driving ranges. The engine itself can work independent of the vehicle speed, charging the batteries or powering the drive wheels as needed. And when coalesced with cloud connectivity, the Evos concept shall automatically choose the best combination of drive modes depending on several data including driving habits, travel route, emission zone restrictions during the journey, weather conditions and so on.

With the Evos concept, Ford also intends to highlight their stride towards ambitious futuristic designs which shall influence the appearance of all their forthcoming products. The next-level driver interactions and a cockpit-inspired interior portray Ford’s strategy of building a true driver’s car.

The Evos concept will be unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. While we do not expect to see Evos concept on the roll any time in the near future, we do have a fair idea of what to expect from future Ford vehicles, at least in terms of design.

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  1. Ya Akhi, why do car companies overstrain the customers?? we are already in 21th centuary. So, start releasing cars like that instead of the ugly bugly (ALL NEW CARS!) which most of them look worse than before…

    We seriously should go out and protest against them!!

    Revolutions all the way against car manufacturers! (except the cool designs lol)

    • I was gonna say exactly the same..

      For the past 20+ years… Nothing unique or outstanding was released in terms of design or technology.. We are less than a decade away from 2020 and all I see is utterly dull and boring designs focused mostly on funky gadgetry nobody cares about.. Technically what we have today is what evolved 20+ years ago, just getting remastered and improved and thats about it…

      Automobile designers should design cars like they did in the 50’s and 60’s trying to be creative and daring to provide excessive character and soul to the cars they make.. An example is the Jaguar E-type which most roadsters and coupes copy its styling cues until today… Why dont you guys start getting creative… Because we dont see anything special..

    • This is how production cars should be today…

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