So we got a 2012 Ford Explorer Limited again

So we got a 2012 Ford Explorer Limited again

You might be wondering why we’re driving the new Ford Explorer again. Aside from still trying to figure out whether it is officially a 2011 or a 2012, we had some issues with our previous grey test vehicle due to earlier abuse. So Ford has now offered us a fresh new vehicle to play with.

To clarify, the a/c in our grey Explorer didn’t seem to be working right and the trip computer had issues of its own, both of which we had mentioned in our full review. With the tell-tale signs of hard offroading damage, we could understand why these problems cropped up. We can now report that, in the new blue Explorer, the a/c is pretty good in the summer heat, while the trip computer is working as expected, so we’ve updated the review to reflect that.

But driving it again, the unexpected bonuses were that we got to try our hand again on the Ford MyTouch system, which still remains complicated. However, we did figure out a better driving position as we got used to the size of the vehicle. We were even comfortable parallel-parking it without the aid of the automatic self-steering parking system.

Our new car also had an interior colour scheme we hadn’t seen before. Our grey car had a beige interior, but this one has a two-tone black-brown setup, very attractive in its own right.

The two-tone extends to the back seats as well. The rear doors open to nearly 90 degrees, good considering they’re so thick.

We’ve already reviewed the Ford Explorer, so there was only one thing to do on our second round with the big 4×4 — yet another of our legendary Economy Tests. More on that later.

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  1. Btw I had gone to KSA and one of the people I met had a ford explorer 2008-2009 done 300,000 kms ( travels quite often from Riyadh to Dammam). No issues I was amazed at the good condition of the vehicle.

    So much for claims on American vehicles not being relaible.

  2. probably a good care but the front looks soooooo boring and like a 90s design, unbelievable.

  3. mash,
    so shorter people can drive this car comfortably if they find a best position.coz, you mentioned before about this, and how about reverse parking with out camera, would it be difficult? thanks

    • Author

      I don’t know if shorter people would be able to drive this comfortably. I drove by making my seat lower this time (reducing visibility a bit) and estimating the size in tight spaces. If you think you can get used to that, then you can drive any big car.

  4. Hi mash, pls review in sand mode..

  5. mash if you got 2012 pls advice specs and price if available as al tayer have no exact specs loaded for 2012 expecting Oct end as far i was told

  6. I own an Explorer XLT 2009 model. It is a good SUV, the A/C is useless, there is some eletric fault that the local agency is unable to catch, making my life miserable, because sometimes I find that the back glass is open, some times the tripmeter goes to zero with out my touching it. At times 4X4 high or 4X4 low engage with out my interference. The DVD does not eject the CD. In three years my battery went dead three times after parking my SUV for 5 days……but it is a good car. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND ANYBODY TO BUY FORD!

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