Dodge Viper ACR sets new Nürburgring track record again

Dodge Viper ACR sets new Nürburgring track record again

The Dodge Viper, one of the legendary American supercars, has reminded the world that it is only off the production line, but not off the tracks and not off its menacing glory, with a new record on the renowned Nürburgring track.

The Dodge Viper ACR Coupe was one of the most true-to-the-core sports cars which had the least of electronic nannies to aid fast driving, making it something really tough for an amateur rich kid to handle. The Viper is not new to the Nürburgring track; it has been there before and has even set a record which stayed on for quite some time. Exclusively for this feat, two brand new 2010 Dodge Vipers were sourced from a Dodge dealer in Texas by SRT. Those were further worked on by Mintgen Motorsports, a German tuning company specialised in juicing up Dodge Vipers, before the V10 beasts fired down the Nürburgring to ostensibly create a new-yet-unofficial record lap time of 7 minutes and 12 seconds, as claimed by the president of the Viper Club of America in an internet message.

Details of the race drivers, the number of attempts and so on has not yet been revealed, as certification of the new time is pending. With a car which is no more in production hurting the egos of some of the current supercars, such as the Lexus LFA and the Chevy Corvette ZR1, we are curiously waiting to see the next contender in line destined to wipe the Dodge Viper’s record clean.

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  1. Now try to top that Europe ;D

  2. So what next? Beat v6’s and v8 with v10?

  3. Its a shame that such old-fashioned muscle car is out of production.. It is one of the few along with the corvette that still give you the feel of an old school muscle car..

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