4th DriveArabia Meet: Photo coverage

4th DriveArabia Meet: Photo coverage

The 4th DriveArabia Meet was held on October 1st at the Dubai Outlet Mall. The “chief guest” of our small gathering was the 2012 Volkswagen Golf GTI. It was great again, as some of our regulars showed up, as well as some new faces. We had some fun doing repeated runs with the VW’s awesome automatic parallel-parking system, checking out how tight of a spot it could fit into. Some of the attendees shown up later in the night, during the free DriveArabia-sponsored dinner, so they are unfortunately not in these pictures.

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    More photos on our Facebook page. At least five other people showed up later. And a hat-tip to Saif Qazi, whose BMW broke down on his way from Abu Dhabi so he couldn’t make it.

  2. Finally come the pictures…..Sheesh I missed it.

  3. Please next time on a proper holiday like Friday. Or on a public holiday.

  4. I wish I had the chance to come, but my son was very sick that day and I decided not to come in the last moment, if I attended, I was to ask the Mustang 5.0 owner to take a tour in his car, even if he was the driver, I’m seriously thinking about buying one anyway, maybe next time.

  5. Thank you very much assassin, that is very kind, hopefully I will be there in next meeting, I suggest to hold it after the Dubai motor show directly so we discuss our thoughts about what we saw there, what do you think guys?

  6. thank you very much assassin, hopefully we will meet in next DA meeting

  7. Is the food photos supposed to tempt others to participate?

  8. hey i am new to this but i would like to attend as well to these gatherings

    • Welcome to DriveArabia

      Make sure you check this site and the MyRide community regularly to stay updated about the next meet up and new cars news too.;)

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