Mitsubishi Pajero 2012 receives minor facelift

Mitsubishi Pajero 2012 receives minor facelift

The 2012 Mitsubishi Shogun, better known as the Pajero in the GCC, has received a facelift in Europe. Of course, calling it a “facelift” is pushing it.

Styling changes include a redesigned grille with slotted bars, black roof rails, a black front skid plate, colour-coded front bumpers and new 18-inch alloy wheels. Inside, there are supposedly higher-quality materials, along with a brushed silver finish for the electric window control panels. There are apparently no mechanical changes. There aren’t even any further photos so far.

Expect the new Mitsubishi Pajero to hit showrooms in Saudi Arabia, UAE and other Middle East markets by early next year.

Keep track of updates in the Mitsubishi Pajero buyer guide.

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    • And I do not see any European touch in the interior. It is pure Japanese, with a lot of plastic in it. It very much resembles that of the Land Cruiser, but with cheaper materials and uglier finish. Of course you get what you pay for.

    • excuse me but the pajero has a really nice interior with only a few hard plastics 🙂

  1. Why no Pajero review?

  2. i think now it deserves V8 (4.3), why Mitsubishi is not thinking for it.

    • their engine is only 20 horses behind the competition but don’t forget its lighter 200-400 kilos 🙂 and american v8 engines are crap in suvs like tahoe or yukon.

    • rana you’d better be kidding. Tahoe is a very fast SUV even faster than range rover. And no way you compare it to Pajero unless you work for al habtoor or never driven Tahoe.

    • i live in kuwait and actually tahoes engine has 320hp and should breeze past my pajero but it has a real hard time passing me and like in the review it says it does 0-100 in more than 8 seconds is that blazing fast dont think so. my pajero does 0-100 in about 8 secs or a bit more with a/c and traction off. so plz before u start accusing people cause of their gender get ur facts right thank you.

  3. The Pajero has always looked the same ever since it was launched!

    It is becoming really boring the the competitors are way ahead of what they are doing. Sweet dreams, Mitsubishi.

    • I think they are on the right track. They might have not change the exterior looks but the only japanese SUV i saw which is trying to give a european made touch interiors (though not completely). And for the price I think its totally worth. But the engine needs main updating.

    • And I do not see any European touch in the interior. It is pure Japanese, with a lot of plastic in it. It very much resembles that of the Land Cruiser, but with cheaper materials and uglier finish. Of course you get what you pay for…

    • ^^^ You probably never saw the Prado or Pathfinder interior which rivals my Shani tin can which I just threw in my trash can!!

  4. I truly believe that pajero is value for Money from a intial purchase.That said I wouldn’t buy one simply becoz the after sales service is rubbish and parts are euro marquee prices.

    If they had just updated their engine/transmission ,they could so much better.They should stop selling that F/op fake leather seats as they sting when hotand instead offer better fabric and also have a telescopic feature for the steering .

  5. When do we get to see a fresh new pajero/montero/shogan? Its been the same style basically for u know how many years!

    • it will come in 2014 inshalah.
      they did a conference her in kuwait for all pajero users and i asked the japanese themselves they told me in two or three years 🙂

  6. Misubishi,Please Update our Loving Pajero in Exterior and Interior.Please upgrade it’s interior more attractively and smoothly at least to fight with Land cruiser or Nissan should be included 3rd row comfortable leather electric seats(not like present ugly 3rd row seats),modern items such as smooth compartment A/C controls,arm rests,entertainment,communication systems, and more other comfortable items which we can see in European SUV s.its true that it should upgrade engine lest please think about V8.

  7. guys,

    wrong direction of the discussion.

    THE difference with this car is that going for a pajero is not an emotional purchase. i agree that if we think heard and stomach that we go for something different.

    but this car is clearly value for money. solid commuter. solid spacer. solid quality. solid..

    so, arguing against the pajero on emotional level doesnt make sense. it doesnt claim to be an emotional bomb, it is obviously not. for most else it is a great buy..

    my 2 pennies,

  8. Hey Mitsubishi, Please go and have a look in Toyota Motors site to learn how the latest SUV developments occured

  9. yes it is truly hard plastic in it’s interior only.
    Why not luxurious interior?

  10. The Dakar Rally is a gruelling endurance race that lasts for 11 days or more. Every day is a race for 900 to 1000 kms of desert area, rocky mountains, creeks and various terrains. Pajero is the only SUV that holds the crown from 2002 to 2007. Off-Road Pajero is the best. According to independent review, my SWB Pajero 2011 is the closest thing to this champion model and I will always love this car even if it is not going smooth on U-Turns On-Road, because I know that Off-Road this is the best.

  11. so far i was always defending this 4wheeler.

    but after i learnt that the 3.8l version sells at 145k for 2012, i was quite amazed not in a positive sense. at this price, you can upgrade to prado, tahoe, etc. quite easily..

  12. I wish they would still sell the Pajero (Montero) in the U.S. I would take the current model, the exterior styling is still fine. I still have my 2003 model. Great buy for the money. Mitsubishi should bank on its Dakar tradition and success. It is better than a Landcruiser; Mitsubishi marketing needs a complete redo.

  13. I’ve had my Pajero for seven years now from new, done a quarter of a million kilometers and even trashed it in the desert and nothing has gone wrong with it or fallen off. I nearly rolled it in the desert the first month I had it, been up and down wadis and mountains and it’s still running beautifully. Just can’t afford the big service just yet!
    I looked at all the other 4x4s in the Paj’s range seven years ago and the only one that felt good and looked good in and from the drivers seat which is were you will be 90% of the time was the Pajero.
    My Wife wants one now.

    • I totally agree with you, i own one for 5 years now. No problems…
      But now it is difficult for me to decide what would be my next SUV after pajero..
      Just no one fits the bill…

      The space, the problem free experience, albeit body roll, road noise..

      I dont know what competes well with Pajero for my next purchase!!!

  14. I love it so much I bought 2! One for me and one for the Mrs. No nonsense 4×4..good value for the money I paid and it has everything I need to drive safely and comfortably in Abu Dhabi and one I can rely on in the desert..and a little bit more. Can’t compete with the Land Cruisers, Lexuses and new Patrols…but hey! I wouldn’t want to anyway! But I heard the 2012 price has jumped considerably from the 2011’s…that’s a shame.

  15. Outdated vehicle

  16. still i love this vehicle.but the problem is why they are not competing with other makers like Benz,Jeep,Toyota in Technology,Upgraded interior & exterior quality. it is now really boring.
    why they are not try to go for V8 Large models?

    • compete with Toyota??? Looolll!!! They are way ahead of Toyota already! :P…and if u r talking about that KDSS suspension, all-round cameras and crap like that, pleeaseee!!…its better that atleast Pajero remains a rugged, old-school and capable off-roader meant for men with skills, rather than getting loaded with gimmicks and run into problems later!

      as for engine…well, they probably shud look into improving the power outputs, and probably even the displacement…

  17. Still enjoying my 2003 3.8 V6 Pajero with no complaints! Solid performance and abundant space in every section of the car!

    The Pajero could do with an upgraded engine and transmission more than interior upgrade though.

  18. Had just purchased a 2011 Pajero model in last week of May. And had a nasty car crash ( fault of the other guy who made a wrong Uturn) The car is totally written off! The car handling, breaking, full airbags explosion and the crumple on the front got me out of the car without a scratch. I am sure i would go for another on this.

  19. I have been with the Pajero for 3years now, in my region we call it “The Menner” – Sir… it is the Best, you cant compare. unfortunately v6 had to come to a standstill in South Africa so for us a V8 it’s not something we are fussy about, actually the current 140kw & 441nm Diesel Moto is the Best for our Roads and it’s Legitimate. You know that you had nightmares all your life(Jeep, Prado, Landy etc) but when you drove the Pajero you started to sleep, right?

  20. i also just bought the 3.8l full option 2 weeks back. all in all and given the prie tag a great allrounder. still, not sure i am going to stick for long with it, it still looks like a pajero.

    best bids are: price, multifunctional wooden steering wheel, new 2012 alloys, rear camera

    worst bids: cracking noises here and there, front looks, 2nd row space (feels like camry)

    all in all probably an A-/B+ on good days and a B/B- on bad days

  21. hey boys why we are not get together to fight for upgrading our loving Montero ha ?
    i wish at least in next generation it should far ahead to other models.
    Still i believe that they should use upcoming latest technology,should upgrade it’s engine to V8 and should increase it’s size.

  22. minor face lift for what?
    Should enhance the Size,engine capacity also with latest technology.
    Try Not to behind the Toyota,but far ahead of Toyota

  23. Hi!

    All Pajero lovers i heard that their is some noise in the dash board (2012 models). some named it dying rat still not rectified, hope its just an error in one of the manufactured batch. me too planning to go for pajero top of the range 🙂

  24. Is plastic that bad. I dont think so. plasic comes in different forms and look superior and safe as well. Let us think about a car fully made of plastic..

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