So we bought a 2007 Honda S2000

So we bought a 2007 Honda S2000

It’s no secret that we’ve done extremely well over the past year, financially. As the most popular-yet-hated automotive portal in the region, we’re finally getting our dues in terms of advertising money from carmakers we haven’t pissed off. What better way to celebrate than to buy a new car, especially since we’ve sold off our longstanding Jeep and BMW late last year. We were having crazy thoughts at the time on what our new mascot car should be, as we were looking at everything from the upgraded Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 to the new Porsche 911 Carrera, with everything in between, such as an older Nissan GT-R and an even-older Ferrari F360. But then as we waited for year-end payments to reach our bank account, we came to our senses and realised that putting down a full cash payment on a half-million dirham car was retarded, sort of like a lottery winner going on a crazy spending spree. We decided to take our car journey slowly, so when we came across a stupid little low-mileage Honda, we bought it.

It’s not just any stupid little Honda though. Our car is a black 2007 Honda S2000. Our only criteria for shopping was that the car had to be a sports car with a manual gearbox. It also had to be somewhat reliable, look somewhat decent and we had to have somewhat of a good relationship with the carmaker, though we were actively breaking that last rule when we were actually shopping. Though we wanted something more premium, the S2000 exceeds all our criteria anyway.

Interestingly, we skipped a couple of other sports cars that we went to see simply because the interior wasn’t kept in good condition, even though the cars drove fine and the service histories were complete. We were tired of driving around in that rat-rod BMW M Roadster of ours, and a bad cabin was also a sign of how the owner drove the car. An interior is easy to fix up, but problems with an abused drivetrain only show up later. We also skipped modified cars. This was the only S2000 we went to see.

We’ll go into detail about our S2000 later. But it’s worth noting that this car sat in basement parking for most of its life until it was bought by UAE Touring Car Championship driver Aslam Moola a year ago, and then we bought it from him. We picked it out of an online classifieds ad because it has only 15,000 km on the odo. We paid Dhs 85,000 in cash for it, which is on the high side really, as that means a depreciation of less than 40% over five years! But now we’re seeing people asking for even more money for the S2000, as if encouraged by our announcements on the Facebook page about our purchase. This car may well have the highest resale value ever, and is already becoming a classic since its demise in 2009.

This is our first time driving a Honda S2000. It’s been two days with the car so far, and we’re still figuring out how to drive something that sounds like it’ll blow up all the time. This should be interesting.

What do you think?



  1. congrats dude for your new car.
    i see there are no much differences from it and the 2008 MX-5 which i used to own in 2010. of course your ride is much faster, but mazda hard top roof could be more useful. i suppose they both shares the same driving experience.
    Anyway, are these run flat tires like what mazda uses or normal?

  2. congrats,a spoiler would make it look great .

  3. Mash,

    Gr8 Buy ,something I have kept close to my heart for the last decade,Hopefully you would keep this longer.BTW get the hard top ,summer will be here soon.

    As its a Honda you are sure to drive it more .Enjoy….

    • Author

      I’d get the original factory hardtop if I do get it. I heard of fitment issues with the fakes. But I bet the dealer here would rip me off.

  4. This is a good car… 2nd best thing from Honda ever since the NSX..

    It might not be refined/comfy like other cars but its definitely a very capable car that many people under-estimate.

    Most beautiful part of it, is it is a very basic car with nothing more than the bare necessities.. The way I would like my cars to be..

    I would keep it clean & tidy if I was you.. This is a modern classic..

  5. Hey Mash,
    Congrats!! thats looks classic & with just 15K on the clock its as good as new!!Happy driving.

  6. nice one dudes

    It was on my mind for a long time…
    now I am old … the s2000 car became classic …
    in jeddah… only the 4by4’s rock…
    I got me a nice new Prado…
    tel us how it drives…

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