BMW 7-Series M Edition joins 2012 GCC line-up

BMW 7-Series M Edition joins 2012 GCC line-up

The BMW 7-Series is the best-selling Bimmer in the Middle East, and apparently the best-selling full-size luxury sedan in this region too. But about a decade ago, BMW management had mentioned that there will never be an ‘M’ version of the 7-Series, because it did not go well with the rest of the ‘M’ line-up. Of course, since then there has been SUVs with the ‘M’ badge even while most M cars are now automatic, but the 7-Series had to make-do with just an ‘M Edition’ upgrade package. The latest version of the BMW 7-Series M Edition has just been launched for sale in the GCC.

The customisable BMW M Sport Package for the 2012 7-Series comes with smaller ‘M’ leather steering wheel, exclusive “comfort” seats up front, exclusive 19-inch or 20-inch M light-alloy wheels, and to top it off, the M Aerodynamics Package that comes with the front and rear aprons as well as a rear diffuser. Engines and mechanical specs remain the same as regular models, and we believe you could order the package with any engine option.

The M Sport package can be ordered with any new 7-Series at showrooms in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and other GCC countries.

Keep track of prices and updates in the BMW 7-Series buyer guide.

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  1. AGMC guys are still not aware of this info …….

  2. M package 7 series were already available in AGMC showroom when I bought my 750Li in late may 2011

    It was only available on the 750Li costing as far as I can remember 20K or 30K more

  3. i called AGMC yesterday to check the price, the sale guy over there replied, M badge doesnt come in 7 series.
    its really weird.

  4. That is really weird, because I’ve seen it with my own eyes in the showroom and even sat in it! It has //M on the speed O meter as well

  5. For god’s sake..

    BMW is really going out of its mind.. What is happening to them?? This is not the BMW we always knew..

  6. The “real” M7 is called the Alpina B7. It’s a beast!!!

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