Largest BMW showroom opens in Abu Dhabi

Largest BMW showroom opens in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Motors, the sole dealer for BMW, Rolls-Royce and Mini in the UAE capital, just opened the world’s largest BMW showroom last week. A VIP party was on February 14 to celebrate the opening of the massive new showroom facility, although the Rolls-Royce section was already opened last year.

Among the crowd of 1,000 guests were BMW management, Abu Dhabi sheikhs, Lebanese singers, BMW customers, local media and us. But more importantly, the event was used to display cars such as the 2012 BMW 3-Series, the 2012 BMW 1-Series hatchback, the 2011 BMW 1 M Coupe, the 2011 BMW Alpina B7, the Mini Coupe and Roadster, the Rolls-Royce Ghost EWB, the 1972 BMW 3.0 CSL “Batmobile” art car, a number of bikes, and the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept vehicle from Mission Impossible 4, among other cars.

BMW had earlier reported that they had a 9% year-on-year sales increase in the Middle East for 2011. This was the German carmaker’s most successful year, selling more than 18,000 cars. The UAE itself accounted for 47% of all Middle East sales.

Some event photos by Salma Sultana.

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  1. Apart from the showroom, simply put Alipna makes already-stunning vehicles look even sexier.

  2. and again the biggest

  3. I was invited did you missed to add 1 car the 650 gran coupe it was shown in a small closed room and no body was allowed to take pictures of it and the best news is that its not going to arrive to the UAE in July it will arrive in April as a 2012 model tho.

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