Nissan GT-R VVIP Edition 2012 model on sale in GCC

Nissan GT-R VVIP Edition 2012 model on sale in GCC

Nissan Middle East is now offering a VVIP version of its latest GT-R model. The 2012 Nissan GT-R is one of the fastest sports cars in the world, but it never had the material finish of its overpriced competitors from Germany and Italy. Pay for the VVIP edition though, and that becomes a non-issue.

Recently debuting in Dubai, the 2012 Nissan GT-R VVIP comes with the same mechanicals as the regular GT-R. But the VVIP can be identified externally by its carbon-fibre rear spoiler as well as 24 karat gold-plated side trim, grille and VVIP badge. For 2012, a new design of forged alloy wheels are standard while a special set of unique 20-inch alloy wheels are also optional only on GCC-spec VVIP models. The wheels give the appearance of being finished in black from a distance but as light is reflected at some angles, a golden refraction is given off. Available options include carbon-ceramic brakes and a titanium muffler.

The VVIP can also be had in 12 interior colour combinations. The leather-trimmed components are specially created in Germany by master craftsmen according to Japanese principles. We went over the car and can verify that every inch of the VVIP Edition’s interior is covered in premium leather, including the centre pillars, footwells, glove-box cover and rear passenger compartment, all of which were hard-plastic in the regular GT-R. The Bose Precision Sound System is also exclusively tuned according to the driving position of each driver. The VVIP pretty much matches up with a Bentley Continental GT in terms of customisation and premium materials.

Orders for the ‘VVIP’ Nissan GT-R can now be made through Nissan dealers in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Lebanon and other Middle East countries. In Dubai, pricing for the VVIP Edition starts at Dhs 827,000, compared to the regular GT-R Black Edition’s price tag of Dhs 435,000. A fully-optioned VVIP edition rings in at Dhs 977,000.

Photos by Faisal Khatib and Salma Sultana.

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  1. i would rather spend the 500k on performance parts than on some flashy gold parts. But then again i am not an Arab 🙂

    • The car is a 500+ BHP car with the ability to beat porsches and ferraris, what more performance enhancement do you need ? Do you want 100 BHP extra to travel faster on Jumeirah road ? Lets face it, any sports car here doesn”t hit the Autodrome more than 5 or 6 times. An Arab spends extra 500K on the gold coz he can, he doesn’t need to choose an option to spend ‘either on performance or on looks’ he can do both.

    • Arabs are not the only ones in love with performance when it comes to cars. You are just another moron. Pardon me but what else could I say?!!!

  2. “vvip” edition? Haha typical arab tackiness at its best. Paying double just for a “vvip” badge??? Ohh you’re sooooo special

    • Nissan has launched this car here because they know that such a product has a market here. If you had tons of money, you would have considered this car too 😉

    • tons of money, WITH NO BRAINS, you mean. Nothing justifies the ridiculous price of this thing except absolute stupidity, a pervasive problem amongst the ‘target market’

  3. Why dont you watch out what you are saying here, racism is breaking through the roof, do you mean that there are no “extremely rich” people in India who for example are businessmen or Bollywood stars, or do you think that Russian mafia people have less money, or Latin drug dealers? why do you respect the rap singers or drug dealers in the US who are usually stupid and know nothing just got lucky to be a celebrity (Britney Spears) for example, who earn their money through drug dealing and porn while you dont have any respect for all arabs while you are living respected in their countries, at least respect the hospitality principles you idiot thankless ungrateful morons

  4. Racism is breaking the roof here, show some respect to the people that you are making money of them, you are all here received with hospitality so show some respect. Are you suggesting that the lords of Russian mafia are having less money, or the Indian businessmen and Bollywood stars? Or what about drugs cartels in Latin America? At least the oil rich Arab countries are working for the good of their people who are all “rich” while other rich countries like Germany for example is slaying its people with taxes …so shut up and live here with respect, or just leave you moron thankless ungrateful morons

  5. Next up; VVIP Ferrari (for the cost of a mid-sized twin engine plane)


  7. I hate to say there are some people who going to buy it but dont think it going to be as much as nissan expect it to be. Why pay this amount when you could get a car that looks x4 better with much posh branding like Rolls Royce or Ferrari not a Nissan.

    Another thing racism here is high. Guess you have balls to write down in the internet but you would never have the balls to say it any arab face you ungrateful little punk.

  8. Big big big respect.
    But, come on, nearly 1 million AED is too much for a Nissan, regardless of the specifications.
    I would rather get a Mercedes SLS AMG.

    Also, for those expatriates hating on the rich Arabs, go back home and pay your taxes?

  9. Hahahaha!!! this is funny, the arguing I mean, reminds me of two guys fighting about who had 2 shots in a pool game, totaly pointless and definatly not the right place to vent racist criticism either.

    Common guys this is a automotive website not some political forum lets keep it that way shall we…oh btw…I LOVE THIS CAR!!!, however wouldnt pay that much for the VVIP i’d rather buy another GTR!

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