Honda Jazz Si revealed at Geneva Auto Show

Honda Jazz Si revealed at Geneva Auto Show

Honda Jazz, the sub-compact hatchback from the renowned Japanese automaker, has made an interesting appearance at the Geneva Auto Show, wearing the ‘Si’ badge – a bright red badge which is very popular among the youth in the Middle East region.

While the factory ‘Si’ badge from Honda is a general insinuation of high-performance, the Jazz Si seems to take a different turn, with the only modifications being new dampers, a larger front anti-roll bar, a new body kit, 16-inch rims wrapped in low-profile tyres, and a modified electric power-steering system. Much to the dismay of Honda fans, the powertrain remains untouched.

We do not expect the Honda Jazz Si to reach the shores of UAE, Saudi Arabia and GCC; atleast, not with a price tag that does not overlap with that of a mid-option Civic.

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  1. Honda For God sake pleasee grow up now pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  2. If it has a K20 engine and 6-Speed Transmission, it will be my next Car….

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