2013 Mercedes G-Wagen shows up quietly

2013 Mercedes G-Wagen shows up quietly

The Gelaendewagen, the legendary Mercedes-Benz that has lived on for over three decades in its same attire, appears to have been given some touch-ups for 2013, as seen in this early photo.

Apparently for 2013, the new Mercedes-Benz G-Class, better known as the G-Wagen, will sport LED running lamps under the headlights, redesigned mirrors and visibly nothing much else. The new G-Class will also feature a reworked interior including a new instrument panel, steering wheel and consoles. It looks to be a non-AMG model.

However, the bigger change, as rumours suggest, is that the AMG variant of the G-Wagen, the G55, will get the 5.5-litre twin-turbo V8 engine, as used in the other AMG models. There is no further information available regarding the new G-Wagen, though the picture suggests that we may have the official details soon enough.

Expect the new Mercedes G-Wagen to arrive in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and rest of the GCC later this year.

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  1. mate, these drive around already for months. you can look at them inthe showroom with exactly the two slight changes you state above.

    • Actually, Brabus came up with that LED mod first. Brabus bits are sold through dealers here, and the headlight kit seems to be popular.

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