Video of the week: V8-powered Toyota FT-86 drift machine

Video of the week: V8-powered Toyota FT-86 drift machine

For all those who wondered what would happen if Toyota offered V8 power in the FT-86, this video is your answer. Underneath the bonnet of this one-off aftermarket drift-machine is a 5.0-litre V8 from its expensive cousin, Lexus IS-F. And just as expected, the results are overwhelming.

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  1. Thats insane.. I dont know how they managed to squeeze that V8 into its cramped engine bay..

  2. Drifting seems to me to be a hard to understand sport for me. Here are some questions that come to mind.
    1. Why have wide tires on the back, and then put a lot of horsepower up front of them to break them loose? It seems as though skinny tires with small engine accomplishes the same effect which is controlled skid.
    2. Why not do it on ice? Save on rubber, save on gas, it is still pointless and after three or four corners monotonous to watch.
    3. Isn’t speed and handling like its on rails more thrilling than handling like it has two rear flat tires?
    This reminds me of when I saw someone power breaking his Corvette with smoke rolling off of the tires until one of them blew up. I said, WTF? That was pointless and expensive!
    I would really like to see how good that beast handles with someone driving it in a ,… get ready,… a race. Now that I would come to see and stay for more than three turns.

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