Honda Accord Limited Edition is last hurrah for 2012

Honda Accord Limited Edition is last hurrah for 2012

Those in the know will be aware that there is a new Honda Accord due for the 2013 model year. So to mark the end of the current version, Honda Middle East is offering the 2012 Honda Accord Limited Edition sedan.

Introduced in April, the Accord sedan will be available with the “Limited” accessory collection that includes a ducktail spoiler, chrome trim all around the bottom body panels, exclusive grille, and a “Limited” emblem.

All other specs, options and engine choices remain the same.

For UAE prices and GCC specs, visit the Honda Accord buyer guide.

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  1. blah blah boring

  2. Honda is struggling to survive 🙁 Hope they realise U get the same stuff with almost same quality in a KIA or HYUNDAI at 40% less the price of a Honda

  3. Well. I drive Accord V6 2009, for almost 4 yrs now. It is the best car I eva Experienced. Still It looks Brand new, and i feel much superior when its parked with camry,hyundai, or altima….. 🙂

    • True, the build quality of a Honda Accord is superior to that of a camry, sonata and the altima. Cant comment on the ’12 camry though as Ive never had the opportunity to drive one.

      Hope the new 2013 Accord will be loaded with features this time. Honda & Trading Enterprises, if your listening, apart from the build quality, prospective buyers are also looking out for luxury features such as ‘smart’ keyless entry, tiptronic gears, push start/stop switch & longer lasting brake pads 😉
      The additional safety airbags and navigation for the 2011 model onwards was very welcome and should stay.
      Design wise, c’mon Honda, give us something to drool on!!!

    • well. The build quality of Honda has always been great; on the flip side though, it has always been plastic tub inside, no matter how well it is put together. For the kind of price they are offering the Accord, I believe we at least deserve more soft-touch padding than what is there right now. As of now, an Optima which costs less than a Civic, can compare with the Accord in terms of features, ride quality and build quality – handling is better. For only 10-12 grands more, a Passat offers way more features, quality and comfort. As much as I personally appreciate Honda for always being honest with their build quality, I guess its time they consider improving over what they already have..And I truly hope they do with their new Accord. Waiting for it to roll out 🙂

  4. Let us hope for the new accord to be nicely designed not like the “””NEW””” civic which marked something unprecedented in the history of car making as it forced the head of honda to come publicly and apologize for the design?!!!!

  5. IRON MAN….i second u to all the details mentioned.

    unfortunately, honda accord will be releasing a cvt engine for year 2013…

  6. I looked at the limited 2012 accord 2 days ago i think its a basic car but other than the chrome grille,spoiler,chrome finishing all around the car there is also spotlights,17 inch wheels and back sensors included in the package which don’t come on the basic car ,,the LX i mean …..
    just a thought if its worth the price?


  7. I just booked the Honda accord limited edition 2012..i think i got a good deal..n i zeroed down on this one…after checking out…tucson…altima..n at the end..i felt accord is an accord…hope i dun feel otherwise after i get the car!

  8. I been driving limited edition for an year, every time i sit in i feel good. its an amizing car with outlook & innner.
    i would preffer this

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