Porsche, Volvo and BMW recall cars by the thousands

Porsche, Volvo and BMW recall cars by the thousands

Owners of certain Porsche, Volvo and BMW models will be served with recall notices this month.

Volvo is recalling all 2012 models from its S60, S80, XC60 and XC70 range of cars, for rectifying an electrical system wiring harness issue. The front seats in 17,000 cars have been improperly attached to the front seats, resulting in a potential separation if and when the seat is moved, leading to improper functioning of airbags and lap-belt pretensioners. Volvo owners are advised to take their cars to dealers to be fixed free of charge.

Over in Germany, Porsche is recalling 1,232 examples of its new 911 Carrera S over potential fuel leaks. As per the U.S. NHTSA agency, routing of a coolant line could interfere with the fuel line, causing the fuel line to be disconnected. In such a case, it could lead to stalling or even a fire. Recalls by the sports car manufacturer begin in April.

The other German luxury brand, BMW, is recalling upto 1.3 million 5-Series and 6-Series vehicles from the 2003 to 2010 model-years, including 6,900 cars in the UAE. The automaker says the cars’ battery cable covers could be incorrectly mounted, but no accidents or injuries have occurred although there is the potential that affected models may fail to start, or worse, catch fire. Beemer owners will be notified of a free 30-minute repair session soon.

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  1. Suddenly almost all new cars are at risk of a fire… I’ve mainly seen a couple of burned out skeletons of a Range Rover on the side of the emirates highway over the past few years… was there a recall for them previously?

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