Honda Integra back in UAE as a scooter in motorcycle range

Honda Integra back in UAE as a scooter in motorcycle range

Those familiar with cars of the 1990s will remember the Honda Integra fondly. Available as a 2-door coupe or a 4-door sedan, it was a sporting alternative to the Civic and the Accord, offered from the mid-1980s all the way into the early 2000s, before disappearing off showroom floors in the UAE. But now it’s back in the GCC — as a motor-scooter!

In a surprise reveal alongside the 2012 Honda CR-V at a launch event in Dubai, the Honda Integra made its Middle East debut, packing two 17-inch wheels, a 670cc 2-cylinder engine and a 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Technically a mix between a scooter and a motorcycle, it manages a top speed of more than 140 kph and a maximum range of 400 km. It can be had in 47 hp and 51 hp variants, and even comes with standard ABS. Weighing in at 238 kg, it should shut up those who complained that the Integra kept getting heavier with each new model back in the day.

Honda will also be offering the NC700S “naked” bike based on the same architecture as the Integra. Packing the 47 hp 670cc engine with a 6-speed transmission, it is more of a traditional bike, weighing in at 211 kg.

Honda is also selling the NC700X “offroad” bike, again based on the same architecture, but with more suspension travel and a higher riding position. It is powered by the 51 hp 670cc engine with a 6-speed manual transmission, and weighs in at 214 kg.

These new offerings expand Honda’s extensive range of motorcycles that are quietly on sale in the GCC.

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  1. I quite fancy the NC700X

  2. Honda integra is sell for INSTALLMENT plan ?

  3. Dear , i need Honda integra ,i live i UAE. ..can i have location of your showroom

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