Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2013 launched in UAE & GCC

Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2013 launched in UAE & GCC

Hyundai has officially introduced the 2013 Genesis Coupe to the Middle East. It made its international debut in Detroit at the 2012 North American International Auto Show earlier this year.

The new Genesis Coupe sports more aggressive styling, with a redesigned front fascia, grille, headlights, LED daytime running lights, fog lights and hood with heat extractor cues. The Genesis Coupe will also receive 18-inch alloy wheels and dual asymmetrical exhaust tips, integrated with a blacked-out rear diffuser.

The coupe will be available with the choice of an improved 2.0-litre turbo engine with 274 hp and 372 Nm of torque and an updated 3.8-litre V6 engine producing 350 hp. Both powertrains will be available with an option of 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission with paddle-shift and manual-shifting capability. However, the reality is it will depend on the local dealer what they bring in, as we hear only the old non-GDI 3.8-litre engine with 306 hp is offered in Saudi Arabia.

The 2013 Genesis Coupe also packs in a redesigned interior. A new driver-side rear seat walk-in assist function has been added for more convenient rear seat access from the driver’s side. Also on cards is a centre stack multi-gauge cluster with instantaneous mileage readings, torque level (3.8 models) or turbocharger boost pressure (2.0T models), and oil temperature is standard on all trims.

Hyundai also implements a wide range of active and passive safety features in the coupe. Standard safety technology includes front airbags, along with front seat-mounted side airbags, side air curtains and active front head restraints.

Bookings are currently open for the 2013 Genesis Coupe, which is due to hit the showrooms across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and the rest of GCC soon. The pricing for the new Genesis Coupe is not yet announced, but is expected to hover between Dhs 100,000 and 125,000 for the range.

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  1. Great news to see the 2.0 turbo being sold in the UAE market. Is that confirmed or a mere possibility?

    • That’s what their official announcement claims, but it could vary depending on the local dealer.

    • the 3.8L officially has direct injection. Will the UAE get it?

    • Hi guys,

      Just went to the Al Juma dealership in Dubai on the 26th of May 2012. They offer the new redesigned 2013 genesis coupe with the old 3.8L 306hp.

      As of that date they do not offer the new 3.8L, they do not offer the 2.0T model and they do not offer the manual transmission. And since they are the only authorized Hyundai dealers in the UAE…this really sucks.

      I was really looking to burn 125,000AED on the new Gen Coupe with the new engine…I wonder if I can import the car for another country? I will be looking into that.

  2. The 2013 has been on sale in Saudi Arabia since mid march in Saudi Arabia. They still aren’t offering the 2.0T here and on top of that we only get the 19″ rims. The manual base model cost 99,000 SR and goes up to 125,000 SR for the top model which comes with HID lamps, brembo brakes and a rear wing.

    • I need to update the article with this KSA info. It’s a case of the PR agency just sending out pre-packaged press releases while the reality on the ground is different. This is the kind of nonsense that got be in trouble with Audi because their PR people kept saying I was lying about certain models not being sold at dealers here.

  3. I dont know about here, but it has been available in KSA official dealers showrooms for over a month now, besides, in KSA, there is no Turbo and the 3.8 is not GDI, so it only makes a little over 300 hp, this is most likely to be the case here too. forget about GDI here, I dont think it will ever come here as long as fuel quality is poor.

  4. less than 110k for a loaded 274hp model? not a bad deal at all!

  5. Something about the interior just puts me off…good deal though at that price point

  6. i have seen a couple of them already on road. i love this car and now it has time equal to 370z. wish they bring GDI in UAE market..

  7. Not bad at all. I hope with the improved looks, both outside and inside, the build quality has improved as well since I cant hope for the dealership to give good after sales service.

  8. A real nice package for the price and got looks too…but still when it comes to the brand value it goes deep down in the wishlist….

  9. I dont know why you are belittling the brand value here, Hyundai now is a well established company, I know this car is not a muscle car to be compared with the mustang, but I bet it is better value than the V6 mustang, and i also think it is more reliable too. and for the value in this segment, it is much cheaper than competitors, if i’m not wrong, my cousin bought the G37 coupe convertible at 227K, that is too much and the regular G37 costs around 180k so there is no comparison in price, it is known all sports cars dont hold to their price and have low resale value so why not chose the lowest cost to reduce the losses?

    • Mustang 3.7 full spec costs AED 124,000. now would you go for the mustang or the genesis coupe. imagine both cars next to each other and you have to pick one.

    • Personally I might go to the genesis for reliability issues, low cost maintenance and even the driving experience, dont forget that it is what you personally want after all, I mean some prefer good handling over some extra power while others like retro style and some others like the row power of muscle cars with proper handling to keep drifting and may somebody else who is obsessed with handling and maneuverability will leave both and go for golf R for example, so it is what you personally want and like and parking both cars next to each other will not effect the decision

    • Definately go for hyundai genesis.. Though price be equal but I know in all aspects hyunday will be a better car then mustang 3.7. But I hope they bring their GDI. Then it will be an awesome machine..

    • exactly my point!! only when the new engines come to town then the genesis is a better option else the mustang is the car to go for

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