Toyota 86 to hit GCC within a month

Toyota 86 to hit GCC within a month

It’s not really a closely-guarded secret when the all-new 2012 Toyota FT-86 will hit the shores of the GCC. We’ve been hearing “summer” since late last year. But there are finally some concrete dates now, as well as confirmation that the top-spec model will get an aggressive body kit, as per their pictures.

As per our information, it will indeed be called the Toyota 86 in the GCC, as it is called in Japan. Marketing efforts in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar and other GCC countries will begin in full force by mid-May, and there is apparently a launch event planned at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi on the 1st of June, according to Toyota’s UAE Facebook page.

We hear it can already be ordered at UAE dealers for a Dhs 5,000 deposit, although pricing is still kept under wraps. We expect it to be somewhere in the vicinity Dhs 120,000 for a well-specced version, as it is supposed to slot in between a Mazda MX-5 and a Honda S2000 in terms of capability and price.

Apparently there are various trim levels, but only the base model will get a manual gearbox, while the rest will be saddled with an automatic, though we cannot confirm this yet.

For now, we’re just glad to plug in a date on our calendar for that track drive.

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  1. Those alloys look like a badly done copy paste job in photoshop.

  2. “Apparently there are various trim levels, but only the base model will get a manual gearbox, while the rest will be saddled with an automatic, though we cannot confirm this yet.”

    This is not right…
    It’s not a Camry that only the base model should be offered in manual only
    If a DCT was in place of the auto then it would have made some sense

    • Imad, thats unfortunately Alfuttaim-Toyota mentality for you.. be happy that they will at-least introduce the manual gearbox model here.

    • Haha I guess that’s a positive that there will be manual at least, unlike the GTI which only comes in DSG. I kinda regret my GTI purchase now 🙁

    • Imad, your GTIs DSG is a fantastic gearbox which can achieve faster acceleration times than even the manual gearbox version but yeah, nothing like the feeling of driving a sporty manual. I have the R36 and enjoy driving it from home to work and back. If I didn’t have a family, I would’ve settled for something sportier and this 86 in a manual tran would’ve been perfect.

    • Meanwhile, Ill steal a ride from ROJ when he gets his 86 😉

  3. ya dats gr8…..errr y arent they launching new aurion yet?

  4. I’m surely gonna be J watching these on the roads here. Not planning on buying a new car anywhere in the near future and if I do, it would sadly be a family SUV.

    But this car is really getting me excited… Fat chance, AlFuttaim is going to offer test drives on this one, I assume.

  5. aurion launch on 6th this month

  6. As much as this car seems promising, I dont think the sales going to be as expected …. I know it is a fully driver car not a performance one, but with 120K i would chose other cars

  7. this is tiny

  8. Finally something worth drifting across Saudi highways… cannot wait!


    Seriously … cannot wait.

  9. I guess an automatic gearbox doesn’t really make sense. With the GT-86, it is not about performance – the speed of shifting, the acceleration, the G’s what you can pull… no – it is all about the feeling, if you drive it – and there is no better feeling than a manual gearbox…

  10. Toyota already started selling the 2013 Aurion’s in Bahrain for the past 2 weeks now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The Genesis Coupe is priced at 115k including 100k km service and 1st year insurance… which puts your cost at approx 95k.

    Performance specs should be inline or better than the T86… so why the huge price difference?

    Oh… I forgot. That Toyota badge is worth an extra 25k.


  12. It already launched in Oman!!!getting one soon!!!:D

  13. Nice looking car,probably nice handling in the track,probably a 0-100 around 6.6 sec but expecsive price in comparison with some competitors,I prefer a Genesis Coupe 3.8 at 123,000 AED rather than 86.

  14. Saw 7 seven of these loaded on a truck coming out of jebel ali port today!

  15. This is surely going to be a nice ride but the rear seating is highly disappointing.. even the 2 door Civic Type R has decent seating room in the rear. This was supposed to be a 2+2 ride but I wonder what Toyota had in mind.. Dwarfs? Or 2 persons + 2 grocery bags? ;P .. Neways… Still think this will be a great drivers car.

  16. already booked mine 😀

    What colors do you guys suggest?!

  17. booked mine in pearl white, coming sometime in june.. Manual 🙂

  18. How much for the insurance on base model in uae???

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