Arrinera Automotive reveals specs for their new supercar

Arrinera Automotive reveals specs for their new supercar

Every now and then, groups of enthusiastic men come up with different sorts of concept supercars, that falls short of production due to budget or demand issues. However, this one remains different as a Polish beast all set to hit the roads. Polish supercar manufacturer Arrinera Automotive have revealed the specifications and pricing for their new supercar.

The vehicle is powered by a supercharged 6.2-litre V8 that churns out a ballistic 641 hp and 820 Nm of torque. The Graziano gearbox multiplies the torque and transfers it to the rear wheels. The claimed figure for the 0-100 kph sprint is as low as 3.2 seconds while the top speed is an optimistic 340 kph.

The engineer Lee Noble, who was responsible for supercars like the Ultima, Ascari, Rossion, Fenix and Noble has done his bit to the suspension geometry and set-up. Providing stopping power will be 380 mm and 350 mm brake discs in the front and rear, respectively.

The weight has been kept low at 1300 kg owing mostly to the high-strength steel construction and carbon-fibre body work.

The car is poised to go into production later this year and will start at, nothing less than US$ 160,000, or about Dhs 590,000. Well, that’s no bad price for a supercar that looks like a non-licensed Lamborghini straight from a video game.

With input from Alvin Emmanuel Thomas

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  1. Damn, the rear of the car just looks so…angry!

  2. seen it year ago , looks ugly

  3. Ugly?? It looks hot!

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