Mansory makes Monaco Edition Ferrari 458 Spider

Mansory makes Monaco Edition Ferrari 458 Spider

German tuning house MANSORY has revealed the ‘Monaco Edition’ of the Ferrari 458 Spider bumping horsepower and adding bespoke stylistic implants.

Mansory’s affinity for bodywork detailing can be seen in the ‘Monaco’. The car gets a Ferrari Enzo-esque nose, skirting and air intakes for improved ventilation of the front radiator.

Another addition has been the newly designed side sills that steady the air flow between the axles and feed additional cooling air into the engine compartment through integrated routing channels. The diffuser built into the new rear skirt stabilises the back at high speeds, and augments the downforce generated by the serial rear wing on the rear axle.

Mansory claims that their version of the 458 Spider has shed about 60 kg thanks to the overdose of carbon-fibre components utilised.

An optimised engine management combined with a sports air filter and sports exhaust system have bumped peak horsepower ratings from 562 hp to 590 hp and torque from to 540 Nm to 560 Nm. Stomp your right foot and the MANSORY convertible gets from 0 to 100 kph in 3.2 seconds. The top speed is 330 kph.

By way of adding sports shock absorbers and with lowered springs, the vehicle’s centre of gravity has dropped by 20 mm in comparison with the stock model.

Mansory has wrapped the front 20-inch and rear 21-inch wheels with Michelin PS2 245/35 and 305/30 tyres respectively. The interior of the Monaco has been draped in alcantara and carbon fibre.

Only 3 specimens of the 458 Spider Monaco Edition will be built and there has been no news on pricing yet, but it’s anyone’s guess that even the darlings of industrialists will find this accessory far from affordable.

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  1. Ferrari would probably cringe at the sight of this, its vulgar with an exception to the wheels.

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