Eric Clapton’s special order Ferrari SP12 EC revealed

Eric Clapton’s special order Ferrari SP12 EC revealed

A while back, photographs of a secret new Ferrari, never seen before, were taken at a London dealership. The Italian car manufacturer has now announced that is was a one-off creation built for musician Eric Clapton. It goes by the name SP12 EC.

It was manufactured in collaboration with Ferrari’s Special Projects programme and Pininfarina. In essence, the SP12 EC is a 458 Italia adorned with all-new body panels that have drawn inspiration from the 512BB of the 1980s. Reports say that Clapton desired Ferrari’s new-generation 6.0-litre V12 to be bolted into the engine bay, but we believe the 458 Italia’s 4.5-litre V8 remains.

Ferrari hasn’t yet revealed the price, but sources say that a bespoke supercar from their factory would cost as much as £3 million, or about Dhs 18 million.

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  1. Dh 18 million for this 1 car… Please give this 18 million to me, ill live my whole life until i die with peace lol

  2. Rather spend 18million on a car, than on a license plate 😉

  3. That color does not go well for the Ferrari

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