Porsche celebrate 60 years of club culture with 911 Club Coupe

Porsche celebrate 60 years of club culture with 911 Club Coupe

Back in 1948, Porsche built their first ever sports car and it took only another four years for seven Porsche drivers to create the Westfalischer Porsche Club Hohensyburg, now known as the Porsche Club Westfalen, on 26 May 1952. Porsche is commemorating that occasion with a special model.

Not more than a year later, a second Porsche Club with six members was established, the Porsche Club Berlin. This was an initiation to the Porsche Club revolution.

As of today there are 640 official Porsche Clubs in 75 nations with approximately 181,000 club members, all whose loyalties remain with the Porsches they drive and the Porsche brand.

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of Porsche clubs culture, Porsche Community Management has teamed with Porsche exclusive to create 13 Porsche 911 Club Coupes, in honour of each of the 13 founding members and all Porsche Club members worldwide.

The Club Coupe has essentially the Carrera S powertrain with 30 extra horses, now totalling to 430 hp. Claimed 0-100 kph times have dropped to 4.0 seconds. The car is equipped with PASM option that drops ride height by 20 mm and it runs on 20-inch Sport Techno wheels. The Sport Design package adds a new front fascia and a ducktail spoiler at the rear end. Exterior paint and interior upholstery choice is limited to Brewster Green paint and Espresso leather, respectively.

Only 12 Club members will have the opportunity, through a lottery, to acquire one 911 Club Coupe each. One vehicle will remain at Porsche’s Museum in Germany.

Pricing for the 911 Club Coupe have been announced at €142,831 Euros in Europe and $175,580 in the United States, or about Dhs 650,000 in UAE money.

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