RTA Dubai announces classic vehicle licensing

RTA Dubai announces classic vehicle licensing

The Dubai Road and Transport Authority, in a collaboration with the Automobile & Touring Club have organised the licensing of classic cars in the UAE. The new system allows classic vehicle owners to have vehicles that are 30 years and older to be tested and registered.

The ATC will have competent personnel that are capable of carrying out appropriate assessment of the aged vehicles, identifying the categories based on compliance with international standards.

After completing technical testing, the classic vehicles will be categorised. Different aspects that are looked into during inspection are safety belts, type of fuel used, brakes, etc. The categories are as follows:

  • Category A – Allowed to travel on all roads but not exceeding 10,000 km annually.
  • Category B – Allowed to travel on all roads but not exceeding 5,000 km annually.
  • Category C – Not be allowed to be driven on highways.
  • Category D – Allowed to be driven only during daytime.
  • Category E – Used on internal and service roads only.
  • Category F – Designated for display, not driving.

Classic vehicles manufactured before 1950 will be awarded category B, and vehicles produced between 1950 and 1980 will be awarded category A. Vehicles with tyres made of wood will either be classified in the categories F, E, or C. Vehicles with limited or low top speed will be classified in categories C or F.

If the car cannot be brought to the test facility, experts from the facility will go to whereever the car is parked for inspection.

After licensing and inspecting of a classic vehicle, the owner will be required to take an appointment with the ATC or contact Customer Service and then head to the Technical Testing Centre at Al Qusais Industrial Area 3, near Al Nahda Metro Station.

Technical inspection costs Dhs 420 and registration adds another Dhs 430 to that figure.

The registration card will contain all the information pertaining to the drivability of the vehicle and enforcement of the rules will be supported by the police department.

RTA personnel also mentioned that the next challenge will be to organise the licensing for kit cars, and cars with modified powertrains.

All in all, both RTA and ATC would like to encourage the registering and use of classic cars by their owners, even if their usage is reserved for special occasions.

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  1. Im glad to see something done in regards to classic cars.

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