Vencer Sarthe supercar from the Netherlands

Vencer Sarthe supercar from the Netherlands

Joining the niche supercar market is the Dutch-built Vencer Sarthe. The Sarthe is Vencer’s first ever venture into this segment. It is named after the French countryside circuit where the 24 Hours of Le Mans is held.

The car’s chassis is based on a steel-tube frame with a V8 engine which is mid-mounted and the exteriors are draped in carbon-fibre bodywork.

The stylistic proportions are nothing that will stir a revolution, but in fact seems to have borrowed cues from Noble fused with bits from the front-end of a McLaren F1.

The claimed peak power output of 500 hp drives the car from 0 to 100 kph in 3.8 seconds and will accelerate all the way upto 325 kph. The vehicle is said to tip the weighing scales at 1390 kg.

Few other details have been announced concerning the Sarthe, but feel free to scope through the gallery and gather your own opinion.

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  1. if they sell it for 100,000 AED ill buy

  2. lol @ rhymes u wish.. this car’s base price will be around 120,000 US dollars for sure

  3. Wow almost same as mclaren f1, this car deserved to be called mclaren

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