Kenyan-built Mobius Two is world’s cheapest SUV

Kenyan-built Mobius Two is world’s cheapest SUV

Mobius Motors, a Kenyan company have unveiled the Mobius Two, their second prototype for building the world’s cheapest offroad-capable 4×4.

Its boxy exterior have have been designed to suit the needs of rural Africa. The body is bolted to a tubular steel frame that can be safely welded back together if fractured and in order to keep weight low, the body is made out of aluminium and fibreglass.

The Mobius Two’s bench seats can accommodate between six to eight adults depending on its configuration, and by folding away the rear seats, the Two can instantly be turned into a pickup with a cargo capacity of 500 kg.

The Mobius will use a transversely-mounted four-cylinder petrol engine, rumoured to be sourced from Toyota, as it will be familiar to local mechanics. No technical specifications are available as yet, but it will have four-wheel-drive.

Production of the Mobius Two will begin at the year’s end and it will carry a price tag of US$ 6000 in Kenya, which roughly equates to Dhs 22,500, easily making it the world’s cheapest SUV. If successful, it might even become available in Asia’s poorer countries.

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  1. Looks like something u buy in a box and assemble at home just like those ikea furniture.. aluminum and carbon fiber??? say again?

  2. Does it have Double Wishbone suspension?

  3. This kinda looks like Top Gear’s “GEOFF”.

  4. Impressive if they manage to pull it off at that price point.

  5. the body is made from aluminum and fiberglass not carbon fiber

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