Škoda Rapid 2012 is a Czech VW Jetta

Škoda Rapid 2012 is a Czech VW Jetta

Škoda has unveiled a fully refreshed Rapid to take over from the existing one which is sold in the European and Indian markets. This and its sister car, the new Seat Toledo, are the lower-budget versions of the Volkswagen Jetta.

As expected, the new Rapid takes cues for frontal styling from the Škoda ‘MissionL’ concept revealed at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

It is expected to be contesting in the market alongside the Ford Focus and the Toyota Corolla. But we expect the pricing for this car to be the major selling proposition for those who are not blown away with its looks. Also, being a VW product, seven engine options with will be offered, with five petrol-powered and two diesels on cards.

The Škoda Rapid is expected to make its full debut in the Paris Motor Show slated for September. It should also hit European showrooms shortly thereafter, but its release here in the GCC as a replacement for the Octavia is possible.

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  1. Looks rather small for a Octavia replacement.

  2. I dont even know why i opened this page..lol

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